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Dinosaur bone found in Scotland 

A 166-million-year-old dinosaur bone has been discovered on the Scottish Isle of Eigg. Scientist Elsa Panciroli was running to meet her paleontology research team when she discovered the bone. The bone is thought to be the limb bone of a stegosaurian dinosaur and is now in the collections of National Museums Scotland in Edinburg.  

Source: BBC 


Congo ends world’s largest measles epidemic 

The Democratic Republic of Congo said on Tuesday that they have ended the world’s largest measles outbreak. The outbreak was declared 14 months ago and has killed more than 7,000 children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), last year local government and aid agencies vaccinated more than 18 million children under five against measles. 

Source: NY Times 


South Korean officials say Kim Jong Un’s sister has taken over key North Korean post 

South Korean officials believe, according to South Korea’s defense minister, that Kim Yo Jong is running one of the most important political bodies in North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s sister is likely now in charge of the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD) of North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party (WPK). The party deals with ideological indoctrination, party organization and political appointments.  

Source: CNN 


Norway plans to drill for oil in untouched Artic areas 

Norway is planning to expand their drilling into previously untouched areas of the Artic. Norwegian minister of petroleum and energy, Tina Bru, said the expansion was necessary to project jobs and generate wealth. The government, however, has received backlash from various environmental groups and experts. 

Source: The Guardian 

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