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Welcome to Pittsburg State University

Welcome to PSU, Gorillas! For those of you that are returning, welcome back. For those of you that are new to campus, welcome to Pittsburg State University.  

As I’m sure you are all aware, there have been numerous changes to classes and life on campus. This semester will be different than any other semester in previous years. With mandatory masks and social distancing, classes have moved online, and events take place less often. Fall sports were suspended until January.  

However, the Collegio remains determined to provide news and coverage to everyone at and around Pittsburg State. We will continue to print weekly editions every Friday which can be found in various areas around campus as well as at Root Coffeehouse and Meadowbrook Mall as well as publishing content online.  

That being said, there may a few changes and additions to our publication. Firstly, we plan to run the updated total numbers of COVID-19 cases globally and in the United States as well as the total number of deaths globally and in the United States. Other changes and additions are yet to be determined. The situation is still changing daily. Like other businesses and organizations, we will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as necessary.  

At The Collegio, we try to include a wide range of coverage from events, to news, to politics and everything in between. What do you want to see covered? Is there an event you want to see covered? Is there a student or faculty member you want highlighted? Is there news at Pittsburg State or in the Pittsburg community you want to see covered? Let us know! You can reach us via Facebook (The Collegio), Twitter (@TheCollegio), Instagram (@thecollegio), or via email (psucollegio@gmail.com).  

For now, stay informed and stay safe Gorillas.  

Lilliana Black, Editor-In-Chief 

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