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Pittsburg State asks students to take COVID-19 Pledge

In these unprecedented times, while the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, all of America is in a struggle to reopen businesses and schools while also maintaining safe environments for people to work and learn in—Pittsburg State University included. Pitt State wants the public to know that it is committed to the health and wellbeing of all students, faculty, staff, and everyone in the surrounding communities. 

Pittsburg State University believes college-life is powerful—lifelong friendships are launched; new ideas, people, and cultures are discovered; and tremendous personal growth takes place. Like every year before, Pittsburg State’s goal is to provide everyone with a transformational learning experience. In order to better reach that goal, the university has asked that all students make a pledge to adhere to specific health guidelines.  

Abigail Fern, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for PSU, said that if everyone follows the guidelines set forth in the Pitt State Together COVID-pledge, we can mitigate the spread of the COVID-19. 

“The purpose of the pledge is to give our students a common set of guidelines to follow to help keep our campus and community safe, and ultimately keep our campus open,” Fern said. “We know most students want to be here in Pittsburg and on our campus, and we created this pledge to give them really clear tools for helping ensure this happens.” 

Pittsburg State acknowledges that this semester will not be the same as any in the past; student-behavior cannot be the same either. 

“This semester will be different for students,” Fern said. “We all wish it wasn’t, but it is… and this means students must behave differently than they have in the past.” 

The success of Pittsburg State University’s plan to open and stay open depends greatly on the actions of the students. 

“We want them to have fun, but they have to find safe ways to do it that (and) reduce transmission of the virus,” Fern said. “The traditional social activities associated with college life are simply not safe this semester.” 

The Pitt State Together COVID-19 Pledge includes pledging to limit your exposure to others in the time leading up to being on campus, wear a face mask at all times when on campus, except in the exceptions outlined in our face mask policy, practice social distancing, including at any parties, restaurants, and bars, carefully follow all public health guidelines when not on campus – wear a mask, avoid crowds, social distance, wash your hands frequently, and do not travel to high-risk areas, observe good hygiene (frequent hand washing, avoid touching face, avoid contact with surfaces, frequent disinfecting of surfaces, etc.), stay home and avoid other people if you have COVID-19 symptoms, contact the Bryant Student Health Center if you have COVID-19 symptoms (620-235-4452) or if you have been exposed and isolate and/or quarantine if directed by the Bryant Student Health Center, the  Crawford County Health Department, or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  

The pledge lists the shared responsibilities everyone has to keep the campus and community safe. PSU faculty and staff have been working under these guidelines all summer. Fern said it is important for the students to follow them in order to maintain a healthy campus and remain open for the semester.   

“If we can all work together and align to the principles in the pledge, we’ll improve our chances of keeping people healthy and keeping our campus open,” said Fern. 

“Pitt State Together” is about a collective responsibility to do the right things in all the challenges and decisions Gorillas face. With that in mind, Pittsburg State University ask that any student that has not already done so, take the Pitt State Together pledge, and commit to behavior that helps keep the campus and community safe from the COVID-19 virus. Gorillas can follow the link provided to take their pledge. 

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