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Making the dorm room a home: dorm essentials for move-in day

As the beginning of the fall semester approaches, students are preparing to move back to Pittsburg and onto campus. For students whom this will be their first time living in a residence hall, they may be wondering what all they need to bring. 

To begin with, students will want to make sure they have the basics to furnish their room. All students living in a residence hall are provided a bed, desk, drawers and closet. They will want to make sure to bring linens for their bed, in the Twin XL size, as well as pillows. A wastebasket and lamp are important to remember for your desk area. However, halogen lamps are not allowed. Brining power-strips will be important to remember as there are a limited number of power outlets in the room and depending on the layout, they may not be very accessible. Keep in mind, that students are allowed power-strips but not extension cords in the dorms.  

Another item that may be easily forgotten are shower shoes or some type of footwear that can easily be slipped on and off for when students need to use the restroom quickly or shower. Something like a plug-in air freshener or a diffuser are a good idea to bring to keep one’s dorm smelling fresh, as candles are not permitted.  

Regarding appliances, a mini fridge, which must be four cubic feet or smaller, a microwave and a fan are all recommended for students to bring but are not, however, required. If they have them, students can also bring their TV’s. Bringing a Keurig or kettle is a good idea for students who want to limit their spending on coffee and tea by having it easily accessible in their room. 

To help maintain a clean and healthy environment, especially keeping in mind to help combat the spread of COVID-19, students should have an ample supply of disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer.  

Once students are sure they have the basics for their dorm room, they should think about what they can bring to decorate their room. 

“When you try to put personal touches on the walls or on your desk or on your bed, it really helps you to feel like your dorm is a place where you can relax and live there and feel like you’re safe there, “ said Lauren Hucke, junior in elementary education, who lived in the dorms before becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) in Nation Hall. 

Hucke believes decorating one’s room helps them build a connection to Pitt State. 

“I think if you kept the walls the same brown color and you just had a comforter on your bed you’re not going to feel any connection to it, and so you won’t feel any connection to Pitt State,” Hucke said. 

Some items Hucke has seen residents bring and brought herself to make a dorm feel homier include paintings and artwork, pictures of friends and family, throw-pillows, flags, blankets, posters, small carpets and string lights.  

While creative expression in their rooms is encouraged for students, there are some guidelines that should be followed when decorating and furnishing a dorm. 

Screws, nails and hooks cannot be used to secure anything into the walls, ceiling, or floor. Command strips and hooks can be used to hang objects on the walls.  

Items that should be left at home include additional furniture, cooking devices other than a microwave, weapons of any kind, lofts, personal printers, candles, curtains and vinyl decals.  

Move in this year may look a little different due to COVID-19 regulations. According to the University Housing website, students are limited to two additional people to help with the move in process. Additionally, while moving in the students and individuals assisting with the move in must wear face masks and practice social distancing. 

For more detailed information regarding what to bring to dorms and Hall living, students and parents can refer to the University Housing website and review the 2020-2021 Guide to Hall Living book.

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