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PSU police chief appointed to Crime Victims Compensation Board

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced the appointment of Stu Hite, Pittsburg State University Police Chief, to the Crime Victims Compensation Board (CVCB).  

“I’m honored to have been appointed by… (Kansas) Attorney General Derek Schmidt and (am) looking forward to serving on the Crime Victim Compensation Board and proud to serve as a law enforcement representative on the State board,” Hite said. 

The program is administered by the Crime Victims Compensation Division of the Attorney General’s Office.  

“Stu Hite is a well-respected career law enforcement officer,” Schmidt said at the announcement. “His wide range of experience in law enforcement and working with crime victims will be a great asset to the board. I thank him for his willingness to serve.”  

Per the attorney general’s website, “The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board provides victims with financial assistance for loss of earnings and out-of-pocket loss for injuries sustained as a direct result of violent crime. This includes reasonable medical care, mental health counseling or other services necessary as a result of the injury. In the event of the death of the victim, reasonable medical expenses and the partial cost of funeral, burial or cremation is reimbursable. Personal property loss is not covered, with the exception of clothing and bedding seized as evidence.”  

Through his appointment to the board, Hite hopes to help as many people as possible. 

“…I’d like to think the board tries to do what they can to help eligible victims and their families in some small way to try and recoup some of their unexpected financial loss,” Hite said. “I’m sure it’s not possible to help everyone but hopefully as many as possible.”  

Hite spent 30 years working for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office before joining the PSU staff in 2018 as the Director of University Police and Parking Services.  

“Helping victims and their families in a different way than I’ve ever been able to the last 32 years on this profession,” Hite said. “As a deputy sheriff and especially as a Sheriff’s Detective I had countless opportunities to meet and hopefully help victims of crime in a variety of ways, for many years. During investigations, daily patrol duties and just life as a police officer in general, you can develop a closeness and a bond with complete strangers as a police officer especially throughout lengthy investigations and criminal trials. Part of me misses that opportunity and I think being a member of the CVCB will be rewarding in a similar way.” 

Being appointed to the CVCB has presented new experiences for Hite so far and he looks forward to working on the board.   

“I’ve never had to go through a Senate confirmation process so that’s been kind of fun to have that opportunity,” Hite said. “As for the work on the CVCB, I’m actually excited to find out how the process works and look forward to our first meeting.”  

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