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Club sports cancelled for remainder of semester

In the last month, the world has seen many changes in relation to the global pandemic. One alteration was that all events were cancelled until further notice.  

At Pitt State, this included all sporting events and club sport events.  

With the sporting seasons all cancelled for the year, many senior athletes have been affected by not being able to finish out their last season.  

“Well, for myself it’s pretty disappointing,” President of Club Baseball and senior in business management Drew Roy said. “(I) still haven’t really come to terms with it yet. This is my last year and so I didn’t get to finish my senior year and its pretty sad and frustrating. But the only thing I can do is move forward and help the guys that will be back next year, kind of get ready for the following season.”  

Roy was looking forward to his last season with the Gorillas.  

“… Not getting to finish with the guys (was the biggest disappointment for me),” Roy said. “It’s a great group of guys, made some lifetime friendships with and not being able to finish out that last season I think is kind of the biggest disappointment. Baseball’s something I’ve done my entire life (and I’ve) put a lot of time in it. So, for me personally, it’s a really big disappointment. I know the guys as a whole; we were really looking forward to a chance for a seat in the post season especially with the group we had this year. But ultimately, we’re not gonna get that chance.”  

The women’s rugby team had been doing well over the season and, according to Mauresa Caire, Women’s Rugby President and sophomore physical education major, could have made it to nationals.   

“Personally, I’m very frustrated that the season ended the way it did,” Caire said. “In fact, we had our last conference match the Saturday right after this blew up on Friday and classes were cancelled that Friday. I completely understand how everything is being taken. I mean I agree with all the precautions that are being taken. It’s just frustrating because we could’ve went to nationals and won. We could have done very well. We also have multiple seniors that will be graduating this semester and next semester, so they won’t be here for the next nationals next spring. So, that’s very frustrating because they’re very strong players and we won’t have them. So, we’ll have to kind of make do with what we have.”  

There were many disappointments around the globe, but for Caire one of the biggest disappointments was that this was the first year the women’s rugby team was in a division and not being able to finish out the season.  

“I think the biggest disappointment is just how far we could’ve gone our first year in a division and as much hard work as we put in over the whole school year,” Caire said. “We have worked all the way up to this point of the season and that’s what everybody was kind of pushing for. In fact, for the spring semester all of our games were mainly scheduled in April and May. So, it’s very frustrating to finally reach that point and have it kind of just taken away. I think we would’ve went very far at nationals.  We’ve got very strong players, very committed and I think we could’ve done very well and proven ourselves for it being our first year in division.”  

President of men’s rugby and junior in business management Jarrod Tayrien anticipated the cancellation but was still disappointed when it happened.  

“It was very disappointing to see how the season ended, especially how we lost to a very tough team against Springfield,” Tayrien said. “But we kind of knew it was gonna happen. I knew it was gonna happen, but I just didn’t know when it was… So, it was kind of disappointing… It is what it is. I’m not going to go down about it because there’s always next semester for another season.”  

For Tayrien, the most disappointing thing was seeing how hard the team worked throughout the year and being excited to see how they would do in the spring and then not being to play.   

“The biggest disappointment is like all the hard work we put into it, especially how well we did in the fall season and I was really excited to see how the spring season goes, especially… seeing all of our new players starting this year… I was very disappointed, and I wanted them to play more… but it is what it is. It sucks. That’s all I have to say, it just sucks.”  

Despite her frustrations, Caire understands the measures being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 and hopes everyone is following the guidelines laid out by local, state, and federal authorities.   

“…(I) just (hope) everybody stays safe during this and following the precautions cause that’s the only way we’re gonna get through this.” 

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