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Student supports Children’s Advocacy Center with quarantined biscuit and gravy feed

People all over the world are trying to help others in any way that they can through this difficult time. Locally, Pittsburg State student Jeffrey Franklin, senior in social work, has organized a quarantined biscuit and gravy feed to help support the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) who help children that have been affect by abuse.  

Franklin makes and delivers the biscuits and gravy himself. Order can be placed by 5 p.m. every Friday in April and Friday, May 1. One biscuit with gravy is $2.50 and two biscuits with gravy are $5.  

The fundraiser will take place every Saturday in April and the first Saturday of May from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.  

All the money will go to the CAC to help children who have been affected by abuse.  

Like many others, Franklin had to alter his plans due to COVID-19. 

“… The biscuit and gravy feed was a backburner thing until the COVID-19 virus came out,” Franklin said. “… Originally, I had restaurants set up to donate… But with the restaurants closing down and just doing curbside that kind of wouldn’t get very much. So, I switched gears and went to the biscuit and gravy feed. I just added in delivery because I thought everybody was quarantined so they’re not getting out so I would get out and get it to them.”  

Franklin has a personal reason for wanting to help support the CAC and believes that the CAC does great things for the children that have been affected by abuse.   

“When I grew up, I was sexually molested by my mother’s boyfriend,” Franklin said. “It was a long time ago, it was back in the eighties, and they didn’t have stuff like the CAC set in place and all that stuff and we had to go to the police station and be interviewed and stuff like that. I just think that the CAC does a really great thing for kids in helping them through the justice system part of it and that’s why I want to help them.”  

Franklin hopes to raise at least $500 and that money will buy care and comfort items for gift bags that will be given to children at the CAC. The gift bags will include things such as blankets, stuffed animals and coloring books. The CAC is also contributing $5 gift cards to put in each gift bag. In addition to this, the CAC also provides gas cards or food cards to caregivers to help with their expenses.  

“The gift bags would have like little $5 gift cards to like Xbox or whatever… they have available for like the kids, but they also have like stuffed animals and blankets and stuff that will make the children feel safe and comfortable,” Franklin said. “They also supply gift cards because sometimes they have to go 12 miles to the courthouse and stuff like that for gas… and it’s just a really, really great thing.”  

Orders can be placed by contacting Franklin by email at jafranklin@gus.pittstate.edu, by text at 1-620-288-1400, or by Facebook Messenger between now and Friday, May 1.   

“… The CAC, I think, is a great place to help kids that have been abused and I would like to keep them here,” Franklin said. 

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