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GIT students win District ADDY Awards and one advances to national competition

PSU Graphics and Imaging Technology (GIT) students have achieved a lot of success this past year.  

The American Advertising Awards (ADDY) is known as one of the largest competitions in the advertising industry. On Friday, February 21, PSU students won ADDY awards at the regional competition, and then two students qualified for the district competition. The district competition took place on Saturday, February 22 in Omaha, Nebraska. At the competition, senior Padee Vang and December of 2019 graduate Abbey Cook won awards for their entries.  

“It was amazing to see so many talented classmates receive recognition for their works,” Vang told the PSU Marketing and Communication Department. “I would definitely like to give credit to the professors of the Graphics and Imaging Technologies Department for continuously helping students like me to grow.”   

Vang won a gold ADDY award for her entry. Her entry was titled “Perrier,” and it was an outside advertising campaign. Vang also won a “Best of Show” title at the competition for her entry.  

 Cook won a silver ADDY for her entry titled “Cook Graduation Announcement.” 

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) has different categories that the students can enter into. 

“Students have to provide a physical entry and a digital version for all print and packaging categories,” said Christel Benson, associate professor in GIT.  

Competitions can be a stressful experience as contestants are anticipating what results they will have, but PSU classes help students along their journey.  

“Most of the classes are project based, so the work entered was already created for a class project,” Benson said.  

In the ADDY awards, PSU students were competition against 66 other students within the district. Students were able to use any of the projects that they worked on in the school year from the fall and spring semesters. They are also allowed to submit work that they have completed from a summer internship.  

“We want students to make a direct connection between the projects that create in the classroom and what they see industry professionals producing,” Benson said.  

After winning an award on the district level the next step is to win an award at the national level. At the competition, Vang had the opportunity to advance in competition with his project. 

“ADDY awards are recognized nationwide, and it is very exciting to see our students compete and win against other students work outside of our region,” Benson said.  

The nationals were originally supposed to be held in person in June, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the AAF has decided to announce the awards through an online conference.  

“Paramount to us is the health and safety of our members,” said Steve Pacheco, AAF President and CEO, in a statement about Admerica AAF. “We have had to adjust this year’s annual conference, Admerica, making it a virtual experience.” 

As stated in an announcement about Admerica, Pacheco said that students are expected to receive a full refund and the virtual experience will be held at no cost for attendees.  

“Now, more than ever, we are witnessing the power of advertising to unite us under the most unexpected and unprecedented circumstances,” Pacheco said in a statement about Admerica.  

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