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Stores should shut down nonessential departments to reduce exposure to virus

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has devastated many across the world by cancelling plans, important events, shutting down face-to-face classes and has taken many lives. As America takes first place in the number of reported cases, the need for a nationwide solution is more urgent than ever.  

As of Tuesday, March 24, residents around different counties in Kansas have been ordered to stay home for at least 30 days to lessen their exposure and the spread.  

In response to the order, restaurants across the nation have closed their indoor seating and given customers alternative ways to receive their food, like drive-thru and curbside pickups. But some stores, like Home Depot, Walmart and Target are still open for business and booming more than ever. 

Though it is unfortunate to have to spend spring break and possibly a good portion of our summers inside and without in person contact with friends, it is for our own good even if there are still many people who disobey the order.  

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised against gatherings of more than 10 people, but I’ve noticed as a Home Depot employee that our customers have not wavered in their dedication to the store. In fact, we’ve been at the same if not higher traffic levels ever since the order.  

Though I am grateful to have a job, I often feel uncomfortable having to be exposed to so many people at one time. Several people come in with masks and gloves on and it makes me wonder who is sick and who isn’t.  

I believe that big stores like the Home Depot and Walmart should close unessential departments to decrease exposure and help encourage people that just go inside to find something to do, to stay inside.  

Many people will say that they are healthy, but those that are at high risk for contracting the disease are easily exposed to them every day just by living under the same roof as those that choose to go out for nonessentials.  

By shutting down nonessentials, it also discourages people from impulse buying necessary things that other people may need. Even with limits on items in stores, people still manage to take more than they need.  

And even though many more people would be out of work, it is the government’s responsibility to figure out a way to keep the temporarily unemployed from falling into a pit of debt and stress.  

Shutting down portions of stores can be costly, but it will all be worth it when the virus has been contained and we are able to return to our normal lives.  

The sacrifices we make now are to ensure that we are safe in the future. The virus is a rampant issue that needs to be taken seriously by everyone no matter how young or old. We all play an important part in making sure the death rate does not escalate to an unmanageable number. So, do your part and stay inside! 

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