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Officers from the Shawnee, KS Police Department speak with Jared Koopman, junior in strategic communications, about possible career options after graduation during the Spring Career Day at the Plaster Center on Thursday, Mar. 12. Daniel Tustin

Spring career day showcases business opportunities for students

Companies near and far attended Spring Career Day, which was designed to help students of all positions in their college career to get a better look at the jobs that are available to them after they graduate.  

Spring Career Day was held on Thursday, March 12 in the Plaster Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and was open to all students. Over 130 companies and organizations had booths set up that provided information about possible internships and job openings.  

Many students brought their resumes and could present them to companies they were interested in working for and could potentially be hired on the spot or get an internship.  

Companies like Cintas, Walgreens and Sherwin-Williams were able to present what that they had to offer to students. The businesses and companies were able to explain how they could work with students that were still in college and they discussed other things such as medical plans.  

Hospitals, non-profit organizations and even graduate schools registered to attend and provide students with an idea of what they may want to do during their last years in school and beyond.  

Nikhila Vashetty, a graduate student who works for the Office of Career Services, was helping at the front desk to oversee the event. Vashetty was able to help set up and make sure it all ran smoothly. 

“Most of us apply for jobs through these online services and it is not many times that the resume passes through,” Vashetty said. “Here we get the chance to make those one on one connections and have employers actually read your resume.” 

 Vashetty emphasized the importance of having a real connection with jobs to make sure that students are getting a good experience after college.  

Mohammed Asim, graduate student in construction management, networks with a representative from Ryan Companies, US at the Plaster Center on Thursday, Mar. 12. Many companies brought coozies, bottles, bags and other souvenirs to give to students during the Spring Career Day. Daniel Tustin

Students like Aka Aka, graduate student in IT, are preparing to graduate in May and are looking for possible opportunities. Aka was able to get a good look at interesting companies who pointed him in the direction of their website to search for job openings.  

“Companies coming to school is a way for students who may be afraid to go to companies or apply to meet recruiters in person,” Aka said. “This is a way for them to express themselves and meet those recruiters face to face and I believe this way is easier.”  

Students were required to dress professionally in order to attend the event. Careerspots.com had a page specifically for Pittsburg State students where they laid out things like email etiquette, salary negotiation and what to do before, during and after an interview.  

Yasim Osman, sophomore in biology, attended the event because he wanted an early look into internships and to be recognized by many companies.  

“Whenever I see healthcare, I was just going for it because I am a biology major,” Osman said. “I found four different jobs that have offices in Pittsburg which is really cool.”  

Osman believes the event was beneficial for students because it allowed them to interact with representatives from companies and get to know them, so they can help them later in their career.  

Spring Career Day give students an opportunity to find companies that they may have not even heard of before and build connections by directly speaking with employers.

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