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Letter from the Editor

Hello Collegio readers.  

In light of the recent events regarding the coronavirus, we have decided to make a few changes in our publication.  

As I’m sure many of you know, Pittsburg State University has decided to cancel in-class instruction and all university-related events for the rest of the spring semester. As a result of this, we have decided that this week’s edition of the Collegio is the last print edition that we will publish this semester. However, we will continue publishing everything online.  

The City of Pittsburg and Pitt State are continuing to monitor the situation. Many events have already been canceled and there’s no doubt that there will be more cancellations in the future.  

The Collegio will continue to cover and report news and events as they happen. Our website is psucollegio.com and you can find all of our coverage there from now on. For now, stay safe, stay healthy and stay updated as the situation evolves.  

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