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Senior Kylie Dominick, vice captain, gets tackled during the homegame against KSU on Saturday, Nov. 9. PSU Women’s Rugby defeated Mizzou 72-35 and move to 3-0 in conference play on Saturday, Mar. 7. Salehin Mahbub, photo-editor

Women’s rugby defeats Mizzou

The women’s rugby team played a game against Mizzou on Saturday, March 7 in Columbia. The Gorillas won the game (72-35). The women’s rugby team is now 3-0 in conference play.  

Club President and sophomore in physical education Mauresa Caire thought the team played well for the most part.  

“So, we played Mizzou last weekend,” Caire said. “The score was 72-35. While it was still a pretty substantial win, it was a big difference in points, I don’t think we played to the best of our ability. I think we got content halfway through the game and we kind of got into a rut. But we definitely came back in the second half. The second half was really a true testament to our abilities, and I think we played very well in the second half. The first half maybe not so much.”  

According to Caire, the team was lacking in the first half of the game but came back in the second half and ended the game strong.  

“…Overall though I don’t really think we played our best,” Caire said. “We gave them a lot more points than I think they deserved. I think we kind of took a break in the middle of the game and kind of relaxed and let our guard down and that’s why they ended up scoring. But we did win, and I think we did really well when we were playing, and I think… we scored three or four tries in the last 20 minutes of the game… I think we played very well at that point and we definitely showed that we are able to play competitively and play to the next level.”  

There’s a couple of things the team did well.   

“I think we did really well offensively,” Caire said. “(I also thought we did well at) putting pressure on their defense and taking advantage of their mistakes and capitalizing on them…”  

 Caire also noticed a couple of things the team needs to improve before their next game.  

“I think we need to work on playing as a team defensively and staying in a flat line with defense and working as a team and not necessarily as an individual because it’s not a one man show,” Caire said. “So, I think (we need to work on) being able to stay in a line and stay in the right position.” 

Next up for the women’s rugby team is the last conference game of the spring semester against UCM at home on Saturday, March 14.  

“We play UCM this weekend and it will be our last conference match of this semester other than the conference championships,” Caire said. “So, I’m hoping to see everyone give it their all and play to the best of their abilities…” 

Caire believes the team can win the game this weekend and head into the conference championships in April undefeated in conference play.  

“… I think we can do really well this weekend…,” Caire said. “I’m excited to see how the team continues to improve…”  

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