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Stephanie Spitz, campus victim advocate, talks to students at the Students for Violence Prevention booth at the Women Crushing It Wednesday event in the Overman Student Center on Wednesday, Mar. 11. The event was hosted by SVP and the Black Student Association. Gracelyn Haile

Women’s appreciation month honored with empowerment and self-care

Women’s appreciation month is celebrated throughout the month of March by women who gather together in solidarity of one another and to help bring awareness to issues they face within society.  

As part of the celebration, the Black Student Association (BSA) partnered with Students for Violence Prevention (SVP) to host women crushing it Wednesday on Wednesday, March 11 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event included canvas painting, sash decorating, a photobooth, hair braiding, hand massages and refreshments.  

An introduction by Kris Livingston, communications instructor, was given in which she encouraged the women that attended to take advantage of their talents and continue crushing it every day.  

The occasion came to be when Jailyn Davis, junior in early childhood education, came up with the idea to put on an event that would be catered towards empowering women. Davis felt as if the female voice needed to be heard on campus and get together with likeminded women to socialize and destress.  

“I think it’s beneficial because we women know what we need more than anyone out here and it’s good to come together on common ground and support each other,” Davis said.  

Her vision for the event was to be a relaxing evening and for the women to leave the event feeling confident. 

“I want everyone to leave this event knowing that they are so empowered and that they have so many people that are supporting them and are behind them and that they can do anything they put their minds to,” Davis said.  

She partnered with Emely Flores, assistant director of the student diversity programs, to make her vision a reality.  

Flores said Davis approached her last semester with the event and wanted a day where the women on campus would get the chance to be pampered and appreciated.  

“I think events like these are really important especially now with anxiety and mental illnesses happening more and more within our students so it’s good that they have a place to practice some self-care and learn from others and the services that are available for them,” Flores said.  

Her favorite part was that everyone could come together and share the experience as well as the positivity board that came together. She also enjoyed the canvas painting because she saw people who normally wouldn’t interact with each other were able to connect. 

Several men attended the event to show their support for the women on campus.  

Isiah Hardeman, senior in construction management, heard about the event from BSA and in the office of student diversity.  

“I like to give my support too,” Hardeman said. “It’s not just women out here that need to empower each other. I need to do my part for men to support our women.” 

 One of the things he did at the event was make a sash that said, “I am the deciding factor.”  

Hardeman also mentioned that he feels like there is mostly women on campus and there needs to be involvement between both genders to step up and do better.  

Doza Valdez, sophomore in biology, heard about the event through the sorority Lambda Phi Upsilon, who were selling bracelets at one of the booths during the event. His favorite part was also the sash making.  

Some attendees were running booths, like Urneth Arreguin, junior in psychology. 

“I came because it seemed like a really cool way for women to bond together and form a community that’s already kind of nonexistent and to be more concrete,” Arreguin said.  

She and Monica Mariscal, junior in English, had set up a booth for their club, Altruistic Alliance of University Women to teach women about the imposter syndrome that minorities feel regarding their accomplishments and abilities.  

“I really liked the painting because I feel like it’s a wholesome activity to destress,” Mariscal said. “Hands on things are very nice to get people talking and to get to know the person next to you.”  

The evening was full of activities that strove to build a more positive mindset within the women on campus. Davis’ vision was a healthy way to honor women’s appreciation while helping women learn about self-care, empowerment and being their best self.  

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