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“Spenser Confidential” hits number 1 on Netflix

Recently released on Netflix starring Mark Wahlberg is “Spenser Confidential.” This film is full of suspense, action and comedy. Directed by Peter Berg, “Spenser Confidential” is perfect when you’re feeling the need for some comedic relief. 

“Spenser Confidential” begins with Spenser, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, an ex-cop who is serving time in prison for assaulting his captain. After his release, Spenser moves back home and has a surprising new roommate, Hawk, who is portrayed by Winston Duke. When Spenser finds out his old captain was murdered execution style, the cops show up on Spenser’s doorstep. Spenser is the most likely suspect as he had just gotten out of prison for beating up the captain who is now dead. However, a few days later another cop shows up dead with a gunshot wound in the head.  

After these two murders, Spenser starts to get suspicious and goes looking for answers. He visits his old cell mate in prison, Squeeb, portrayed by Austin Post, to ask for help and gets new leads on his investigation. Continuing to look for more clues, Spenser and Hawk start to make huge connections on the case that connects some major players. Spenser finds that not only is a large cartel gang involved but the cops are as well. When things start heating up, the FBI comes into town and Spenser helps them in all the ways he can to find justice for himself and the family of the cop who was shot in the head. 

Once a few of the dirty cops figure out that Spenser is looking into their scheme, they order the drug cartel to have him killed. Lucky for Spenser, prison hardened him, and his roommate Hawk is training to be a boxer. With every punch that is thrown Spenser’s way he overcomes them and eventually brings down the scheme that was ruining many lives. 

After watching this movie, I can say it is not what I expected. The director did an excellent job however I feel that some of the character connections could have been improved. For one, Spenser and Hawk did not know each other hardly at all, though Hawk did a lot of illegal things and killed a lot of people just to help a man he barely knew. Also, Spenser has a girlfriend in the movie who we do not see much of throughout the film even though she helps Spenser a lot towards the end of the movie. 

Once I finished this movie, I would agree with parent reviews for kids to be at least 17 and above. This is an R rated movie and has sex, drugs and explicit language. However, parents need to know that this is an action filled comedy and many times does have these aspects throughout.  

“Spenser Confidential” is an excellent movie filled with a lot of laughter and action. However, there was character development missing and poor connections made throughout the movie. I give this movie a B+ and I would encourage others to watch if they are looking for something to watch on a night in. 

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