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Big League Production presents “An American in Paris”

Big league Production, Inc. brought Paris to life in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts. The Bicknell saw a large crowd of students, faculty, and community members show up to see the popular live action romance musical, “An American in Paris.”  

On Wednesday, March 4, at 7:30 p.m., the love story of an American soldier who decided to stay back in Paris after the war was portrayed in the form of a musical. The show was directed by Jeffrey B. Moss and choreographed by Bob Richard with Daniel Sher as the executive producer.  

According to community members who have frequented the Bicknell for its Broadway performances, it was one of the biggest musicals performed at the Bicknell. 

 “It was first class nice to see this level of production in Pittsburg,” said George O’Brien, member of the Pittsburg community. “The actors were really talented. We are lucky to get this level of production to come to our little town of Pittsburg.” 

The musical was divided in two acts with seventeen songs to which the actors sang and performed ballet.  

 “…It’s one of my favorite all time Gene Kelly movies, (so I was) dying to see this production for a very long time,” said Kaye Lewis, a Pittsburg community member who attended the show. “So, I am excited I got a chance to be here, being in the front row, watching backstage… It was wonderful.”  

The music caught the attention of Lewis.  

“…It’s a very well-known musical,” Lewis said. “I heard people behind me singing the songs. It’s been around here for a long time.”  

Lewis said he appreciated a live show and that he believes it is important to experience live theater. 

 “Any time you expose yourself to live theatre, you get a more personal feel of what they are doing physically, mentally (and) emotionally on stage than you do from a movie,” Lewis said. “I mean on stage you only get one take.”  

The energy of the actors was brought to light by their energetic performances. 

“…The energy… was contagious to the audience in the best possible way,” said Rebecca Emsor, Pittsburg community member. “It was so alive and vital. These young, wonderful performers are just absolutely excellent and… everyone was caught up in the excitement and I really think that people wanted to applaud throughout the show but held back because the scene changes, they were amazing, they were so fast you didn’t want to interfere with the flow.”  

For each different scene, the crew had different costumes and props. 

 “The costumes were brilliant,” Emsor said. “…I wore my Paris hat to the show. Well, it was just a magical night and I am so grateful as many people (became) newly acquainted with the ‘American in Paris…’ It’s just magical.” 

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