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Women’s Rugby defeats Truman State

The women’s rugby team defeated Truman State on Saturday, Feb. 29 (51-0).  

Club President and sophomore in physical education Mauresa Caire was happy with the way the team played but still noticed a few things they need to improve.  

“We ended up winning 51-0 which is an impressive win by no means,” Caire said. “But at the same time, I think that we did not play our best. I think we have a lot to improve on. We definitely had a lot of new girls out this weekend, so it was their first game. So, that also helped to add to the chaos a little bit. But I think that we definitely need to continue working on our offense and defense. We had a lot of trouble setting up just in general, so it was hard to run any plays or actually do anything. Again, we had new girls out, so it was their first game. They had first game jitters which is pretty understandable. I think we just need to continue improving and working on everyone’s general knowledge of the game because… one of the hardest parts about the game is just being able to understand it.”  

There were a couple of things that the team did well against Truman State.   

“I would say I think we did really well with our offense,” Caire said. “We had… new forwards out there and so that’s half of our offense. So, for them to be able to come out and still compete at everyone else’s level, I thought was very impressive. I thought they did very well. It’s definitely hard to get tackled for the first time and tackle for the first time because it’s a little nerve wracking but after they did that, you could definitely tell that they were getting more confidence and they were understanding the game a lot more. It’s hard to explain the game when you actually haven’t played it and that’s what we tell people. You won’t truly understand the game until you’ve played at least one game. I think the difference between the first and second half was very substantial, and it definitely showed how much they had improved over the course of the game.”  

Caire hopes to see continual improvement from the team.   

“I think maybe… (we need to work) on being quick to our feet, being able to switch from offense to defense quicker…, kind of (reading) where the ball should go and where we should work to move the ball,” Caire said. “(We need to work on) definitely just understanding the game in general…”  

The women’s rugby team has an upcoming against Mizzou in Columbia on Saturday, March 7.  

“I would definitely like to see us improve from our last game quite a bit,” Caire said. “We are playing Mizzou this coming weekend and it will be… another conference game. They did have to cancel twice on us before due to their lack of players, so we aren’t really sure if we’re still having a game this weekend. But as of now we are. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how much we’ve improved just over the course of the week and I hope that everyone will bring that same passion that we saw in New Orleans and come out and compete at our level…”

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