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Comedian entertains audience through modern humor

Smokey the bear, scary movies, and tall people problems are just a few of the topics that Lafayette Wright, comedian, used to entertain his audience at the U-Club. Wright held a show on Wednesday, March 5 at 7 p.m., that was sponsored by Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) with a fry bar and mocktails as refreshments.  

Ivi Miller, freshman, attended the event because she thought it would be a good opportunity to support GAB while getting in a few laughs.  

“I loved the part when he was talking about being tall and having to help someone in the store reach something because I can relate to it,” Miller said.  

Wright touched on how people always ask him if he plays basketball and to get things for them on high shelves.  

“Look at these arms,” Wright said during the show. “Look at this angel hair pasta right here. They’re not made to doing cool tall guy things like holding women on dunking on people. These arms are made for pointing out crime.”  

He also talked about Lebron James and how he liked him despite people’s negative opinions of him.  

“I think they should let the commentators cuss,” Wright said in a joke for the show.  “At least sometimes. He mentioned that because James is so good, commentators are running out of ways to describe his abilities on the court.”  

A few of his jokes revolved around Smokey the bear and how he finds it hard to believe that Smokey is such a civil bear to people.  

“My other thing is this, you live in the forest, that’s your home, that’s your crib,” Wright said during the show. “People come into your home and take your stuff and act a fool and you put up a poster? You launch an ad campaign? Smokey, you’re a bear, eat them.” He joked that if he was Smokey’s manager, the ads would be a lot more real.  

Some of the attendees were working the event with GAB, like Amaya Harris, freshman, who was greeting people at the door.  

“My favorite part was how he could relate to the crowd through his jokes,” Harris said. She also enjoyed the fry bar.  

Throughout his show, Wright engaged with the audience several times. At the beginning of the performance, he pointed out groups of people sitting at certain tables and even asked a few audience members to tell him their worst roommate stories so he could show how his was even worse.  

The fry bar was included with the show and some attendees like Kali Chatmon, senior, went because of the fries and mocktails. Like Harris, Chatmon enjoyed how Wright included everyone in the show and made a point to interact with the audience.  

Some of Wright’s jokes warned the audience of yorkies and poodles. Wright poked fun at how a lot of angry and evil women own yorkies and walk around with them in their purse. He also joked about how poodles are the least threatening dogs.  

“I am convinced yorkies are not animals. Have you ever seen a group of them out in the wild? Grazing in a pasture?” Wright said in the show. 

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