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Circle K group goes to Salina for District Convention

Pitt State service group Circle K International is going to their District Convention on the Friday, Feb. 21 to Sunday, Feb. 23 in Salina. Circle K International is a part of Kiwanis which is an international service group. Circle K does service projects around the community. The seven Circle K groups in Kansas meetup for the District Convention.    

“We’re a service-based group around the community, we just go around volunteering, either organizations or just other places that need help or volunteers,” Club editor and sophomore in social work Zaira Gonez said. “We just do it because it’s an international group that we like to help, and we just do it out of the kindness of our hearts, wanting to make a change in a way, with volunteering and service.”  

Circle K goes to a district convention twice a year, and the location of the convention changes each time. This spring the convention will take place in Salina.  

 “I’ve been going since my freshman year, and I’m excited to see the same people that I’ve always seen at all the conferences, like the friends I’ve made from different universities that are really into service, and volunteering, just like the people in our organization are,” senior in nursing Abbey Meng said. “This will be my last year going because I’m graduating, so I’m excited to see all of my friends, and come up with new ideas for Circle K and see if we win any awards this year and stuff like that.”    

At the district convention, all seven Circle K groups collaborate on a service project to benefit the town that they’re staying in.   

“I like just being able to meet new people and seeing what other groups do, just in terms of what service they do versus what we do, being able to work with those groups,” Gonez said. “Last year, we cleaned the theater, so we helped the community there in Emporia, Kansas. So, just getting to meet new people is fun.”  

The spring convention is Circle K’s bigger convention because they elect new officers for the next year and have an awards ceremony.  

 “There’s an awards ceremony with it, so that’s where clubs and individuals have a chance to be recognized for their hard work all year,” President of Circle K and junior elementary education major Gracie Lopez said.   

At the convention, the groups participate in service projects, bonding exercises, and leadership workshops.  

“Personally, I love to volunteer,” Lopez said. “That’s the highlight of it all. It’s just service and when I attend these events, I feel like all of us have that same passion for serving. So, that definitely is the highlight for me. Just getting to bond with the other members and getting to meet new people definitely would be a highlight and also, it’s a chance to further your leadership skills too because we do little workshops… on Saturday and Sunday so you get to do that.” 

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