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Terry Calloway, CFI and lecturer at technology and workforce learning, prepares to fly his Yak 52, 1983 at Pittsburg Municipal Airport on Monday, Feb. 17. Pitt State offers several aviation classes with flying hours included to tuitiion and fees. Salehin Mahbub photo-editor

Aviation Classes offered at PSU

One of the courses offered at Pittsburg State University is an aviation course which is taught by Professor Terry Calloway. This class teaches students how to fly both drones and planes and teaches students the ins and outs of flying in order to get a head start in getting their license. 

Teaching aviation courses since the fall of 2015, Calloway is a trained flight instructor and wants to spread the word about the aviation courses offered at Pitt State. 

“I am always surprised how few people (students, advisors, and teachers) are aware that aviation courses are even offered at PSU,” Calloway said. “Lately, there has been little interest in the courses we offer, and I believe it’s just because folks don’t know they are available and that they are really interesting.” 

on Elliot, junior in the construction management program, has been taking aviation courses at PSU as they give him valuable experience for his future job in commercial construction. 

“I decided to take this class because I had an interest in aviation and always enjoyed flying so I decided to work towards my pilots license,” Elliot said. “I think other students should look into this course if they have an interest in adventure. Flying is something not everyone can do and is a great accomplishment to be able to be the pilot in command.” 

Students that are interested in flying have many opportunities outside of college to put their skills to work. 

“Aviation went through a recession in the past ten or so years and it is now on a huge comeback,” Calloway said. “The price of fuel and airplane rental is more affordable and there are tremendous opportunities for careers in aviation. Also, if you haven’t heard there is a big pilot shortage in the commercial aviation industry.” 

Taking after her father who was in the Air Force, junior in business management Bailey Moore has also been taking aviation courses at Pitt State. 

The best thing about it is getting to fly,” Moore said. “The flight portion of the course takes you all the way through your first solo flight. My dad was in the Air Force. I lived on Air Force bases as a child and watched planes fly overhead, and I work on planes in the Air Force Reserve. So, getting to receive college credits for my passion is great.”  

Tom Richards, retired Pitt State professor, was Calloway’s flight instructor and his advisor. 

“I was mentored and trained by an exceptional flight instructor, Tom Richards, who was my predecessor to teaching the AVT-118 course at PSU,” said Calloway. “Tom is well known in the area and probably around fifty percent of the pilots in the area all started learning from Tom. He is a great guy and when you meet him you would really understand just how inspiring he can be… He was also at one time a middle school math teacher.” 

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