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Pittsburg City Commission Discusses Partnerships with PSU

Pittsburg city officials met Tuesday, February 11, 2020, for the bi-monthly City Commissioners meeting, held at the Beard-Shanks Law Enforcement Center, 201 N. Pine St., Pittsburg. On the agenda were many items aimed toward the economic development of the city. Pittsburg has multiple projects in the works to attract more residents and retailers to the area.  

 Some of those projects include the development of infrastructures. These goals are directed toward the growth and maintenance of health and safety issues pertinent to both community members and visitors. The chairman of the Active Transportation Advisory Board (ATAB) presented their annual report to the commission. The ATAB provides the City with recommendations and plans for the development of non-motorized transportation options. The completed South Rouse project provides trails that connect Pitt State to the North Medical District, and the added motor lanes have made significant improvements to the commute between Pittsburg and Joplin. These trails provide students and citizens a safe way to cycle and walk as an alternative to motor transportation. Pullman said the Memorial Drive Trail, located in Lincoln Park, is expected to be completed 2020. The creation of 124 trails are in the works. 

     Last fall, the Active Transportation Advisory Board collaborated with the Kelce College of Business to formulate a plan that would raise community-awareness and promote advocacy for greater access to walking and biking trails. One of the needs identified was the need for a marketing intern partnership between Pittsburg and Pittsburg State University. The City advertised for an internship in November and December, then interviewed several candidates. Aubrey Baker, a junior in the Management and Marketing Department, landed the internship. She is currently developing a marketing campaign for ATAB that will begin this spring. 

 The City of Pittsburg would like fill two positions which are currently open on the Active Advisory Board. They will choose one volunteer to represent the disability community and another to represent residents in the Northeast quadrant of Pittsburg. Each representative advocates for improvements in their respective neighborhood. The deadline to be considered for these positions is Friday, February 14, 2020.  

Anyone interested may apply at City Hall or contact the City Clerk. 

In other City business, the commission approved authorization for the Mayor to sign the Business Development and Innovation Services Agreement between the City of Pittsburg and Pittsburg State University. Through this agreement, Pitt State will provide support to the City to effectively help create and attract new businesses, industries and manufacturing to the area; as well as more effectively promote the expansion and growth of those already located in the City. Pittsburg State shares their expertise and resources to assist with anything that drives potential financial impact and promotes growth. A key issue is further workforce development within Pitt State and the City. Local manufacturers report that they struggle to fill positions. All the entities are working together with the Chamber of Commerce to combat this issue and increase career opportunities for Pitt State students and community members.

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