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New Series “Locke and Key” Hits Netflix

Recently released on Netflix “Locke and Key” written by Joe Hill is a show that brings magic to a new level. Following the death of their father three kids along with their mother move into their father’s family home to discover a world of unbelievable experiences. Overflowing with suspense, this show has been put on Netflix’s must watch new series list. And trust me this show did not disappoint. 

Filmed in Canada the show “Locke and Key” takes place in a beautiful Victorian home that holds many doors with unexplainable secrets. Each lock has a specific key that unlocks new magic. There is a key to a door that lets your spirit leave your body, a key that takes you to any location you want, and a key that will fix anything that is broken.  

Each key has a specific design that will allow for magic to come to life. The premise of the show is that the kids need to find each of the keys in order to lock away a powerful demon that is hell bound on hurting their family. The keys can only be found by the children as each of them calls out to the kids differently. After finding all the keys the children enlist their new friends to help them rid their lives of the demon. 

The father of the children that was murdered by a kid that was sent by the demon, who used to be the protector of the keys with his friends. Each of the kids separated the keys and vowed to keep their location secret. When the offspring of the kids move back to where their father was raised, the keys became their burden as they try and solve the puzzling events that led to their father being murdered. 

In this Netflix show there are many twists and turns. Based on love, suspense, and tragedy this show is an eye catcher to viewers of all ages. This magic filled show is full of secrets and possibilities that can make even the oldest of us believe in magic again. 

Based on the book by Sarah Dessen “Locke and Key” has been reviewed by parents and teens and has been rated 14 and up. There is a presence of drugs, alcohol abuse, physical abuse, and some scenes portraying sex. However, over all this Netflix show is a great watch for the whole family. 

This show is creative and intense and deserves to be watched. Netflix has not yet renewed the show for a season two yet, however season one was just released so we should be expected an answer from Netflix here shortly. 

After watching season one of “Locke and Key” I am very excited for the upcoming seasons. This show is every bit of magical and fascinating as the reviews promised. My only complaint is having to wait another year for season two to be released. “Locke and Key” gets an A+ rating. 

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