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“You” Seaon Two Hits Netflix With a Bang

In 2018 the show “You” was released onto Netflix. Produced by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble this show become an instant hit. The reviews were so great that Netflix renewed the show for a second season, which was released on Netflix December of 2019.  

The show “You” is based on Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley, who is noticeably suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. In season one, Goldberg notices a beautiful woman named Guinevere Beck in a bookstore he works at. He begins to stalk her incessantly as he tries to go deeper into her life and who she is.  

Season one was filled with murder, nudity, and suspense as Joe Goldberg ruined not only Beck and her friends lives but his as well. Goldberg’s need to have a companionship with him being in control in every aspect of the relationship leads him to do things that he regrets but does not fear doing again. 

At the beginning of season two Goldberg was living his life with no worries until his ex-girlfriend comes back. An ex that he had thought he killed and disposed of. However, that was not the case as his ex, Candace, shows up to the bookstore Goldberg was working at. This leads Joe to run away, start a new life where the bodies that he had piled up could not find him and where Candace could not find him. 

Joe moves to Los Angeles and starts anew, of course until he meets a new muse. Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti, becomes the new object of affection for Joe and the lies instantly begin as Joe changes his name from Joe to Will in hopes of keeping his past in the dark. As Will falls in love with Love his narcissistic and controlling ways slowly begin to come out once again, but in the end, it turns out Will and Love have more in common than they had thought. 

Not only is the show “You” an excellent tv series, the show also sheds light on stalking and what can happen in cases if it gets too far. Being aware of your surroundings and being careful about what you put on social media is a serious topic that not many youth in our generation quite understand. It is important to know the signs of being stalked in person or online as both are serious crimes. This show has helped to spark up a conversation about these significant problems that many people face out in the real world. 

Now, although the show “You” was watched by millions of people across the world and taught some valuable lessons, many parents were quite distraught with some of the scenes. In both season one and season two of You there were countless images of nudity, raunchy thoughts, violence, and crude language. Parents believe this show to be for the 18 and up crowd as reviews have claimed the movie to be “soft porn” in some respects. 

Overall, the show “You” is a suspenseful and exciting film that deserves to be binged until season three is released in April of 2021. “You” receives an A- minus rating. 

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