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Tristan Gegg, sophomore guard, attempts to put the ball in the basket Saturday, Nov. 16. Gegg chipped in with 19 points for PSU defeating Central Christian College at John Lance Arena. Hannah Meier

Athlete of the Week: Tristan Gegg

This week’s athlete of the week is women’s basketball player and sophomore elementary education major Tristan Gegg.  

From 2018-2019, Gegg played in all 30 games and averaged 8 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. She made a total of 40 three pointers and shot 74.2 percent from the free throw line. In high school, Gegg not only played basketball but volleyball and softball as well. She was chosen as an All-State 1st team in her senior season. She averaged 27 points and 5.8 rebounds per game in her last high school season. She holds the school record for single game points with 46 points in her senior year. Gegg is also a four-year volleyball and softball letter winner.  

Gegg has been a part of the women’s basketball team for two years now but grew up playing basketball.  

“Well, for Christmas when I was like two, my mom got me a little basketball and she said I could shoot since then, but I’ve been playing competitively since the second grade,” Gegg said.  

Gegg enjoys being part of the basketball team at PSU.   

“I just love that feeling of seeing the ball go through the net and being able to like depend on people and your teammates and it’s just like a really good bonding experience,” Gegg said. “It’s just been my first love since I was little and… I like doing things I’m good at, so basketball is probably my best thing that I’m good at and just loving it helps me want to do it more.”  

Though Gegg admits that balancing school and basketball was a challenge, she has now learned the ropes and finds it easier to balance course work and being a student athlete.  

“At first, I thought it was going to be pretty hard but the teachers here at Pittsburg are really good… about like if you’re missing, they’ll give you an assignment before or you can make it up when you get back,” Gegg said. “So, they’re pretty understanding and I’m super organized, so I always email the teachers ahead of time and I just bring my laptop on the road. There’s Wi-Fi on the bus and in the hotel and whatever I got to get done, I get done. So, balancing isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but once I start getting into my student teaching, it’s going to get a bit harder, but I definitely know it’s doable.”  

For current student athletes struggling to balance school and sports or future student athletes who are nervous about balancing all their activities, Gegg suggests asking for help from professors and/or coaches.  

“I would definitely say don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Gegg said. “I would go in probably thirty minutes early… and ask my teacher for extra guidance or extra instruction and always don’t be afraid to ask your coaches, can I have some time, can you put me in study hall, or help me study this… So, I definitely think asking for help should never be like, ‘oh, I feel dumb for asking.’ No, I think you definitely need to just dive in, speak up in class, and if you have any questions ask as many as you can to help you fully understand.”  

Gegg’s biggest accomplishment of her athletic career is being a role model for younger children.   

“Well, I think what hits home the most for me is (one of my teachers) in high school, he sends me pictures of his daughter who’s in.., probably sixth grade.., she was younger even when I was playing in high school,” Gegg said. “She would want to wear my number and say she’d want to be like me, and I think that that’s definitely the biggest accomplishment…, just being that role model and having those little kids look up to you. Because that gives me a big reason of why I keep loving this game.”  

According to Gegg, her biggest supporter is her mom who has been at her side all her life.  

“(My biggest supports have been) definitely my mom and my family,” Gegg said. “They come to everything. When I struggle, they’re there. My coaches in high school were incredible… and then obviously my coaches now. They’re our best friends. I mean they’re always there for you, but they criticize you too when you need it and I think that’s super important. But I definitely believe that my mom has been my rock and my biggest supporter my whole life.”

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