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Luncheon attendees browse the desserts offered at Overman Student Center Wednesday, Dec. 4. The menu included a plethora of thanksgiving favorites. Lesly Bocanegra

PSU Hosts Annual Holiday Luncheon

The holiday season is a time to gather with your loved ones. Eating brunch is one of the things that the holiday season brings.  

On Dec. 4 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, PSU hosted its annual “Holiday Luncheon.” This event was hosted by campus activities. The luncheon consisted of faculty, staff, and students that gathered together to eat the food that was served. This event took place in the Overman student center (OSC), in the Crimson and Gold Ballrooms. 

“(The luncheon) is just a nice way to gear up for the holidays and take a break,” said Mary Mercer, program coordinator for campus activities. 

This event had a large turnout as each table in the ballroom was filled with people mingling. It has been an annual event that has been happening for the past 27 years.  

“It’s a time to slow down,” said Mercer. “A time to show appreciation for each other.” 

Throughout this event the PSU choir sang various Christmas song collections that the audience listened to while they ate their meals. Some of the selections that they performed was “Santa Baby,” and “Joy to the World.” 

“It’s a great cultural event with the choir performing,” said Mercer.  

During the event each table was dismissed to serve themselves with the meals provided. There were many food selections that everyone could choose from.  

“The food was good, 

 and everyone was nice,” said Anali Otazo, junior in communication. 

The food selections were: carved Virginia ham with honey Dijon glaze, mixed greens salad with bacon pieces, tomato and cheddar cheese, green bean amandine, bay shrimp & vegetable salad, mashed potatoes with parsnips and garlic, soft rolls and breadsticks, holiday “mocktails”, and season sweets provided by Della’s D’lights. 

Otazo is a staff member for PSU’s campus activities and has been help coordinating the Holiday Luncheon for the past two years. 

“This year they decided to make it a broader audience so they can increase the amount of people that can come,” said Otazo. “They lowered the price of tickets and added more vegetarian options.” 

The luncheon was open for the Pittsburg community to attend, so that other people can come experience what it is like to come to a PSU event. Also, they had the opportunity to see and listen to the choir perform and mingle with faculty, staff members, and students. 

“My son told me about this event,” said Stephanie Pennock, parent of one of the musicians. “I brought my family to see the choir and enjoy the food.” 

The luncheon is meant to be a debriefing time for everyone and to pause from thinking about the upcoming finals week. 

“Taking time to slow down and show appreciation for each other,” said Mercer.  

The holiday luncheon is a tradition at PSU. This year there was a drawing that each person who bought a ticket has the opportunity to be entered in for a chance to win a kayak, which was donated from Coca- Cola. 

“I’ve enjoyed the music and the food,” said Pennock. “The pretty table clothes, the dessert, just everything here feels so festive.” 

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