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Nathaniel Simmons, senior in contruction engineering technology, and DeMarcus Edwards, senior in mangement and marketing, bring Stomp-A-Palooza event to a close with a dance Thursday, Nov. 14. This was the second annual stomp-a-palooza. Logan Wiley

Second Annual Stomp-A-Palooza

On Nov. 14, the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha held the second annual “Stomp-A-Palooza” in the Dotty and Bill Theater in the Bicknell Center.   

The sororities Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma competed against each other in a stepping dance competition.  Members of Alpha Phi Alpha taught the sororities the choreography, and they also taught members of the audience during the event. Alpha Sigma Alpha won the competition.  The prize money and 5 percent of the proceeds will be going to the Circle of SisterHood, which supports the education of girls in poverty. 

“It’s an annual event that they try to gather all of the Greek sorites in the name of livelihood on campus to keep our students engaged, in a fun and interactive way,” said Emely Flores, assistant director of the office of student diversity.  

Alpha Phi Alpha taught the sororities the stepping choreography in the week prior.   

“I like the fact that it brings us together, it allows it us to work with the sororities on campus because we spend a lot of time teaching them the steps so we’re just able to further grow a bond with the sororities,” said Nathaniel Simmons, senior in construction and engineering technology. “It’s just really important for us to reach out and network with other organizations on campus.” 

Simmons is part of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, which organized and led the event.  

“I like working together with the coaches, they’re all really nice and it’s a lot of fun,” said Katie Crawford, junior in exercise science. “It’s a good team bonding experience between my fellow sorority members.” 

Crawford competed in Stomp-A-Palooza with her sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha, which won the competition. The sorority will donate the proceeds and prize money to the Circle of SisterHood, which provides underprivileged girls with access to education.  

“It’s just raising awareness and funds for a really good cause,” Flores said. “I’m just really proud of them.” 

 This is the second year that Stomp-A-Palooza was held.  

 “We actually think it was very successful, so we hope next fall when we’re having our Alpha week because that we can have this event for the third time,” Simmons said.  

Alpha Phi Alpha is a part of the Divine Nine, or the National Pan-Hellenic Council.  

“The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collaborative organization of nine historically African American, international Greek lettered fraternities and sororities. The nine NPHC organizations are sometimes collectively referred to as the “Divine Nine,” according to Wikipedia.  

Alpha Phi Alpha is the only National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternity at Pittsburg State University.   

“The Divine Nine culture isn’t really established here on Pittsburg state university, especially with us being the only Divine Nine organization, so to be able to come out and hold the events we hold it continues to show the school and community new things they’ve never seen before,” Simmons said.

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