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Michael Thompson, senior in psychology, speaks with Rebecca Brannock, professor at psychology and counseling, during the University Authors Reception at the Axe Library Thursday, Nov. 14. Brannock has published The Essential Guide to Effective School Counseling Programs. Lesly Bocanegra

PSU Authors and Creators honored at Authors Reception

Books are an essential part of knowledge. Every book that has ever been written carries a different message and a reason behind its creation. Authors go through an many different stages during the writing process, which all pays off in the end when their book is published.  

On Thursday, Nov. 14, Leonard H. Axe Library hosted its 36th ‘Annual University Authors Reception.’ The event took place from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the newly renovated first floor of the library. During this event, PSU faculty and staff were honored for their published books and works in the past year.  

“This is one of our longer standing traditions the library,” said Jorge Leon, learning outreach librarian. “My goal with this (the reception) is to try to help connect the campus together.” 

For the past 36 years, the ‘University Authors Reception’ has been an event that PSU has held. This year there were seven staff and faculty members, honored that had published books in the past year. Those authors were professor Donald Baack, Lecturer Allison Blevins, professor Becky Brannock, Dean Paul Grimes, library assistant Linda Grotheer, professor Casie Hermansson, professor Mark Johnson, and professor Janet Zepernick. 

“Every year we try to broaden and expand,” Leon said. “We have made a great stride in making sure we include different kind of authors and works.”  

There were numerous members that have published books in which they utilize in their class curriculum.  

“My book is different from most other books because it is an edited volume,” said Paul Grimes, College of Business Dean and author of ‘Teaching College Economics.’ “It is a collection of articles, designed to help professors teach their classes in a better way.”  

‘Teaching College Economics’ is a collection of various articles used in economic classes. 

Every author has a different process when it comes to sitting down and writing their work. There were different styles of writing that authors had published. Some of those genres included, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. There were also some faculty that had published articles, journals and stories. 

“A few of us have written books, but there is a lot of faculty write different articles,” said Mark Johnson, professor and author of ‘Powerful Presentations that connect.’ “We have a lot of talent with our faculty.”  

During the reception the authors and creators socialized with each other and spoke about the success of having their works published. Their books and works were put on display for the public to view.  

“It’s a pretty cool thing that the library does for us,” Johnson said. “It gives us the opportunity to meet among our collogues and see all of the great things we do.” 

Although the process to create a book can be very time consuming and stressful, PSU faculty put in the time and effort to make sure their book is complete.  

“I always have this feeling of elation,” Grimes said. “It’s always cool to see your work come out in print.”

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