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PSU ROTC students walk to the front of the stage with the flags at the Veterans Day Memorial held at Campus Recreation Center Monday, Nov. 11. Veterans and their families were honored during the event. Courtesy of Pittsburg State University

PSU Hosts Annual Veterans Day Ceremony

Veteran’s day is a holiday that comes around every year, veterans are respected year-round for their bravery in serving and protecting the United States.  

On Monday, Nov. 11 at 1 p.m, PSU hosted their annual “Veterans Day Ceremony”. During this event military veterans, as well as PSU faculty and alumni spoke to local sixth grade students, veterans, and the public about the importance of Veteran’s Day, and why it is necessary to honor veterans, as they paid a great service in defending the United States. This event was originally supposed to be held at the Veterans Memorial, but was relocated to the National Guard Armory Gymnasium, inside the student recreation center due to inclement weather.  

“We hold this ceremony every year to not only honor those who serve, but also as a lesson to sixth graders,” said Cadet Esperanza S. Deterding, freshman in communication. “… To teach them why the Veteran’s Memorial exists.”  

PSU President Steve Scott presented information about the Veteran Memorial and its importance to PSU’s campus.  

“The memorial hasn’t been simple it’s not just a place built of stone and concrete, it’s much more than that,” said President Scott.  

The event included keynote speaker retired Major Kavan Stull from Oronogo, Missouri. Stull has had interest in the history of World War I for a while and is now active in the historical continuation of WWI veterans’ grave sites and monuments. He also has experience in performing in an authentic uniform as WWI-era and former President Harry S. Truman. 

“The world war (World War I) was a very cruel war,” said Stull, “(it caused) the tremendous loss of life, crisis against humanity.” 

Stull spoke about how world wars were never supposed to occur, and how World War I is known as the “war to end all wars”. 

“Veterans, your knowledge and courage have made a real commitment in this world,” Stull said. “You have always been a force for good.”  

During the service, there were various musical performances from Pittsburg schools. Pittsburg high school Encore choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner to begin the ceremony. Later during the program, Pittsburg Community Middle School choir sang, “Singing Freedom’s Song”.  

Deterding narrated the ceremony program, as she opened the ceremony, introduced speakers, and closed the program.  

“My future plans are to become an army officer, and to one day deal with public relations,” Deterding said.  

The program’s speakers included PSU ROTC alumni, Ron Seglie, and Father Jorge Lopez from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.  

Pitt State News said that the Veteran’s Memorial was designed to provide a special place to honor those who served this country within the military. The wall of the memorial is a replica of the memorial wall in Washington D.C, that lists more than 58,000 names of fallen soldiers who served in the Vietnam War. 

“(The purpose of the wall is) To help visitors find names of the friends and family they are looking for there is a kiosk that lists each and every name,” Scott said. 

Towards the end of the ceremony, the official anthem for each branch of the military was played. During this time, veterans, or family members of veterans, stood to be acknowledged, when their anthem was played.  

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