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Mary Mercer, program coordinator at campus activities, and Mark Johnson, professor at technology and workforce learning, keep time and ask questions to the teams at the Quiz Bowl Friday, Nov. 8. Each round was seven minutes long and each question was worth ten points. Lesly Bocanegra

Campus Activities hosts Quiz Bowl

Every year, the Campus Activities Center (CAC) holds the Quiz Bowl tournament and at 6 p.m, on Saturday, Nov. 9, students gathered in teams in the Overman Student Center to compete in this year’s tournament. 

Game questions cover a range of topics from history and science to sports and popular culture. Some of the teams came from residence hall floors, student clubs, honor societies, or classes to compete against each other for the championship. The top three teams won a cash prize where the winning team wins $400 dollars. The winning team also would have the opportunity to participate at the regional tournament.  

Food and drink was provided while the teams socialized between rounds. The CAC advisors and other campus staff ran the event taking part in tasks such as reading the questions, running the timer, and keeping the score. They also helped aid in the bracket formation.  

Sophomores and roommates, Amanda Trout and Talya Crouch, tried to establish a bigger team but in the end they became a duo to compete in the bowl. Trout competed in the Quiz Bowl for the first time last year.  

“My specialties are English, fine arts, and I just know a lot of general knowledge,” Trout said.  

Trout said there were some technical difficulties in their last round that if didn’t happen, her team would’ve done better.  

“I’d say I have a good knowledge on pop culture, but my main specialty is probably anything related to animals,” Crouch said.  

Crouch also enjoyed the social aspect of the event.  

There were general knowledge questions open to either team and if answered correctly, could score more points with bonus questions. Teams were only allowed to deliberate amongst each other for the bonus questions. The groups went head to head, buzzing in with their answers. Some of those questions regarded plays, songs, war battles, diseases, counties, rulers, artists, and more. 

After a little under 2 hours and rounds of general knowledge and quick recall, two teams were left standing for the championship round: “The Economics Club” and “Team Cool Stuff.” The two teams battled back and forth and the Economic Club was up 75 points by the end of the first half, but it was Team Cool Stuff who came back and took first place in the competition. Students Jodie Murphy, Kaden Milner, and Rocky Kyser were all members of the winning team. When asked how did they prepare for the competition, they responded, “put overalls on”.  

“It’s really information we just gathered over time”, Milner said.  

Murphy, Milner, and Kyser all transferred from a school in Neosho where Murphy and Milner previously competed in similar quiz bowls. Kyser, freshman in biology, said he was able to contribute some answers to science related questions. Team Cool Stuff all agreed that the second half of the last round was the most exciting part of the whole competition where they were able to make a comeback and finish on top.  

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