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Military and Pitt State ROTC members stand for military appreciation day. PSU alumnis were inducted into the ROTC Hall of Fame during halftime of the football game Saturday, Nov. 2. Hannah Meier

Military Appreciation event held in Gorilla Village

On Saturday, Nov. 2, the PSU Alumni and Constituent Relations held the Military Appreciation Day event at Gorilla Village in conjunction with the football game against Missouri Western.  

During the tailgating, family and friends have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities. Some of those included giving away PSU hats for veterans, face painting from the ROTC, and making thank you cards for service members. Amongst completion, children receive a free military appreciation sticker and pom poms. On the President’s Field was the UH- 60, a 113 Armored Personnel Carrier, where families checked it out and pictures were being taken. There was also a buy one get one free ticket sale for retired veterans and active duty military members.  

Retired Colonel Timothy Senecaut was also inducted into the PSU ROTC Hall of Fame. He was recognized for nearly 29 years of service. Senecaut comes from a family of veterans and being surrounded by it as he was growing up, he knew it was something he wanted and needed to do.  

“The most important thing I took away was pride,” Senecaut said. “I had the great pleasure to serve with some amazing men and women who came together to accomplish some extraordinary achievements.”  

Along with his various awards, volunteer work, and military experience, Senecaut is very active on campus as a member of the Commencement Committee, the Move-In Crew, the Critical Incident and Crisis Response Team, the Facility Master Planning Committee, and is the chair of the PSU Parking Committee.  

One of the Senecaut’s three daughters, Aimee Barry, attended the event and finds events like these very important.  

“I think it is very important to hold an event to recognize service members because they give a lot of their time to serving others, and sometimes even their lives, while being away from their families,” Barry said.  

Veterans and active military member’s service often impact their loved ones.  

“We were able to see and experience different parts of the country and learned a lot about history,” Barry said.  

During the football game, at half time, ROTC students were being sworn in to start their four-year journey to become an Army Officer.  

“Congratulations and thank you,” Senecaut said. “You’re doing something less than 3% of the nation are willing to do, you’re joining the finest fighting force the world has ever known and dedicating yourself to serving a greater cause.”  

Family and friends all over the stadium acknowledged and recognized those who served and will serve in the future. 

Recognition for the military has not only been a Pittsburg tradition but a Pitt State tradition. 

“I will add that Pitt State and the entire Southeast Kansas community does an exceptional job in showing support and appreciation for our military members and their families,” Senecaut said.  

The next related event will be the Veterans Day Ceremony on Monday, Nov. 11 at 1 p.m. It will be held at the PSU Veterans Memorial. 

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