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Men’s Basketball begins 2019 season with exhibition game against KU

The men’s basketball team had their first game of the season on Thursday, Oct. 31. The Gorillas lost the exhibition game against the University of Kansas (KU) (42-102).  

Head men’s basketball coach Kim Anderson thought the team didn’t play all that well in the game.  

“I don’t think we played very well,” Anderson said. “I think that obviously Kansas is a top two or three team in Division-I and so their size and strength kind of overwhelmed us. We have some guys that were out that are injured and there (are) some that won’t be eligible until second semester. So, we’re still kind of putting our team together. But certainly, Kansas played great and we didn’t play very well, and we didn’t get very good very good shots and they just were so much bigger than us. We just couldn’t handle them on the inside.”  

Anderson saw a couple things that the team did well, but in the end they couldn’t manage to bounce back.  

“I think we competed against a team that’s much bigger and much stronger than us,” Anderson said. “We had a couple of guys (that) I thought stepped up. Drew Roelfs (and) Grant Harding, those guys stepped up and made some shots. I think as the game wore on, our guys got more comfortable playing with that type of opponent, that size and speed and strength that they had to play against. But certainly, we have a lot of room to improve and I think we’ll continue to do that as we get ready for our opener.”  

According to Anderson, this game brought some things to light that the team needs to improve on before the next game.   

“Well, I think rebounding, defense,” Anderson said. “I think that probably execution offensively, being able to handle the ball under pressure, getting the right timing down on plays and stuff. Really there’s a lot of things to work on but it’s still really early in the season. So, we just (have to) keep working away.”  

A couple of players stood out to Anderson during the game.  

“… I think Drew Roelfs and then Grant Harding (stood out to me),” Anderson said. “Both of those guys did a really good job. They shot the ball well. Kansas is a big, strong, tough physical team so I thought those two guys shot the ball well. I think Jah-Kobe Womack scored some points, I think he had 10 or 12 points. So, we certainly have to play better and so that’s what we’ll continue to work on.”  

It is still early in the season so there is plenty of time for the team to improve and Anderson hopes to see some improvement in the next game against Upper Iowa in Kansas City on Friday, Nov. 8.  

“(I hope to see) improvement (in the next game),” Anderson said. “Improvement in our offensive spacing and timing and then… rebounding. I think rebounding’s (going to) be important. We’re (going to) play a team that (going to) shoot a lot of three-point shots and we got to make sure we get to those shooters and not give them open looks.”  

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