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Alpha Sigma Alpha members strut together for Yell Like Hell at Carnie Smith Stadium. ASA came out with a 2nd place finish along with Lambda Chi Alpha in the large group division Thursday, Oct. 17. Hannah Meier

Yell like Hell brings students together

Yell like Hell is a tradition that takes place during homecoming week at PSU. It is a dance competition for organizations on campus that allow them to show off their hard work and compete to win first place. It was held on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at Carnie Smith Stadium. 

“If you’re kind of second guessing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, definitely go for it because I’m not much of a dancer but I did Yell like Hell and I loved it because I got to meet new people and make longer friendships and just get to experience something that I wouldn’t have tried back in high school,” said freshman in music education Alyssa Mendoza.  

There were three categories: large group, medium group, and small group. Groups in each category performed their rehearsed numbers to place in each division.  

“Well, I will just say that I remember it but I wasn’t all there if that makes sense, kind of like a blackout moment, like you’re just in the moment and you feel all the moves come together and you’re just doing the movements,” Mendoza said. “But it was so fun, and everybody had high energy, so I think that really played well on our part.”  

Student organizations could sign up for Yell like Hell If they were interested. They then choreographed their own dance routines, picked their music, and came up with a cheer and lift for their number.  

“It’s kind of intense,” said junior in history education Alex Gabel. “I mean most of the stands are filled up with anybody. It’s definitely intense, you kind of run out in the middle of the field and do it, putting everything out there and doing some goofy dances… It’s fun. It’s all sorts of feelings at once, it’s great.”  

Students worked for months to prepare for the big night. Once there, they gave their performance in front of the student body, community members, and judges. Phi Sigma Kappa won first place of the small group division. 

“My favorite part, you know I never saw it in practice, but when we did our little water mullet thing the little drop down, I liked that from our group at least..,” Gabel said. “I liked seeing the variety of what everybody can do, especially this year’s theme. It was a lot more vague and you could kind of go different places. It was cool to see what groups went different places with it.”  

In the medium group, the first-place winner was the Newman Club.  

“It was honestly so much fun, just the people, it was just bonding while we were dancing and having a lot of fun..,” said freshman in elementary education Delaney Cedeno. “It was pretty cool. Last year, we got last so coming up in first is awesome.”  

Mendoza was a member of Tri Sigma Alpha, who partnered with Pi Kappa Alpha, and were the winners of the large group division. 

“The hard work really paid off,” Mendoza said. “The practices were pretty vigorous but we were victorious in the end and it was just a great opportunity to have a chance to meet new people and get to do something that can bring everybody together which I think is amazing… In the end, even if we wouldn’t have won, I still would have felt just as proud as I am of our group just because the hard work paid off for us in the end because everybody was so determined and we worked so well together.”  

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