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Kelsi White and Gabriella Silvestro, seniors in family and consumer sciences, shake hands and smile with representatives from USD 202, a public school district in the Kansas City metro area. The Fall Career Expo is an event open to all majors and classifications. Lesly Bocanegra

Students seek jobs and internships at the Fall Career Expo

Finding an everlasting career is the ultimate goal after college, and it is important for students to prepare themselves, in order to be the candidate that companies are looking for. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Office of Career Services hosted their annual Fall Career Expo in the Plaster Center. During the fair, students had the opportunity to meet with various job companies and speak with them about summer internships and full-time employment.  

“I’m looking for full time employment, hopefully in my hometown, Kansas City” said senior in automotive technology Vance Peyton. 

There were over 150 companies set up at the event and there were different schools, hospitals, businesses, and industries present for every major. 

“We’re looking for someone very energetic, someone passionate about what they want to teach,” said Assistant Principal of Lee Summit High School James Oyler. “When the student enjoys the class, more teachers enjoy it more.” 

The expo was free to all students and welcomed everyone from freshman to students attending graduate school. The education department is constantly looking for employees that are passionate about their craft, the well-being of students, and their education.  

“Our goal is to get information out to people that wants to work in the educational field,” Oyler said.  

Brandan Trevino, senior in political science, speaks to Leisha Beard, KSN and KODE TV, during the Fall Career Expo at Plaster Center Wednesday, Oct. 23. Students could network with employers and learn more about opportunities available in their field of interest during the event. Lesly Bocanegra

There were companies attended that are stationed locally as well as companies stationed in other states. Some of the local companies that attended was the Crossland Construction Company, Via Christi Village, and Crawford County Mental Health Center. 

“We come to the PSU career fair every year to open up on how we recruit teachers for our district,” said Vice Principal at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy (in association to KCKPS) Veneta Pierson.  

Being in college can be a very busy time, as students juggle class, organizations, and other activities, but it is important to keep track of achievements and associations in order to have a worthy resume. It is also important to dress formally so that companies view candidates professionally.  

“When students come to an interview or a job fair, they should come dressed as if you are ready to work,” said Pierson. “Your first impression is always a lasting impression.” 

The Fall Career Expo has been an annual event that has helped students’ network with employers and obtain internships and full-time employment right after graduation. Each year many students have success as some are not expecting to obtain jobs on the spot.  

“We look for people’s cultural fit,” said Ashley Sayre, team member at Watco Companies. “We do not use the word ‘employee.’ We want our team members to feel like family.” 

Some of the employer’s present were also PSU alumni. Some of them now work for major companies and want to pass on information and opportunities to current students.  

“We have quite a few Pitt State alumni that works for us,” Sayre said. “We love Pitt State and partnering with them for events.” 

Qualities in a person is also an important component that employers look for in employees. 

The Fall Career Expo is the first large scale career fair of the year. ‘Spring Career Day’ will be held this spring. 

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