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Cody Mein, Brandon Walker, Jace Burdick, and Devin Gideon, all sophomore in electrical engineering, watch motor starter wiring. The four students have signed as apprentices for the electrical company “Interstates”. Lesly Bocanegra

Pitt State students sign with Interstates

A ceremony was held in the KTC Monday, Oct. 21, for four PSU students within the Electrical Technology program. The purpose of the ceremony was to honor the students for signing with the major electrical company, Interstates. Also celebrated was the accomplishment of developing a partnership between PSU and Interstates.  

The four students, Brandon Walker of Girard, Stephen Gideon of Weir, Cody Mein of Pittsburg, and Jace Burdick of Rose Hill are electrical technology majors in the School of Construction and have all previously interned with Interstates. The company originally sent out full-time offers through email. After the four students accepted the offer, Interstates decided to proceed with an actual signing to be recognized.  

“Pitt State had a huge part in the signing,” Mein said. “Our teachers Ed Moore and Jeff Brooks always want the best for the students so they bring in the best companies to talk to us and get us prepared to the best of the abilities for our career after college.” 

Interstates, for more than 60 years, has tackled complex challenges and developed innovative solutions for industrial manufacturing and processing facilities around the world. The company employs more than 1,000 employees ranging all across the U.S.  

Two key leaders from the major company, president of construction Dave Crumrine and vice president of regional offices Doug Brunsting, flew into Pittsburg to hold the signing ceremony that is routinely conducted for athletes, but not usually seen in academic programs.    

“Excellent things are happening here,” said Crumrine in an interview with PSU director of media relations, Andra Stefanoni. “I know when I hear from our field people about what they’re getting from Pitt State grads, or even interns, they say they know what they’re doing, they’re hardworking, they ask questions, they want to learn.”   

Also present at the ceremony was Pittsburg State President Steve Scott.  

“Providing industry with a capable, prepared workforce is a hallmark of Pittsburg State University,” Scott told Stefanoni. “To have partners like Interstates standing ready to hire our graduates enables that critical first step as they embark on lucrative, high-demand careers.”   

PSU electrical engineering professor Ed Moore says the experience within the staff holds as a strong point as to what makes the Electrical Engineering program so special. 

“We try to take real-world experience that we’ve had and apply it to what we’re telling them,” said Moore. “So that they get hands on and some of the ‘old man stories’ they don’t like to hear necessarily. But we try to tie it together.” 

In recent years, there’s been a high demand for electrical jobs within the county.  

“There are, I’m told, almost 2,000 electricians retiring every week, so there’s just tremendous growth. With the high demand now because the United States’ is building so heavily, infrastructure demand is a priority.” added Moore.  

After the four graduate in May 2020, the signees will enter the Interstates apprenticeship program where they will be a part of the company’s national traveling team. 

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