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Anna-Maria Hernandez, senior in communication, runs the ball against Oklahoma State Saturday, Oct. 5. Pitt State Women’s rugby team, Rilla Rugby defeated Benedictine 20-5, Saturday, Oct. 12.. Logan Wiley

Women’s Rugby defeats Benedictine

The women’s rugby team played a game against Benedictine on Saturday, Oct. 12 and they won the game (20-5).  

This was the first merit table game that the women’s rugby club participated in after K-State forfeited on Sept. 28.  

Women’s rugby president and sophomore in biology Mauresa Caire was happy to be able to play the merit game. The Gorillas were barely eligible to play the match as they had 13 players.  

“So, we travelled with 13 girls which is the minimum you need for a merit match,” Caire said. “They had 15 girls and they ended up quitting 10 minutes into the second half of the game because so many of their girls got hurt, I believe. So, at the end of the game we were playing 11 on 12 and we had 12.”  

Caire believes the team played well at the match.  

“I think our team did really well,” Caire said. “We had a lot of new rookies step up and they definitely showed a lot of improvement and I think we have a very young team, a very new team. So, overall I think we did really well.”  

Despite setbacks, the women’s rugby team was able to bring home their first conference win of the season.  

“Offensively, we did really well as well as defensively,” Caire said. “It was mostly an offensive game, so I think we held them very well… The ref (referee) that we had for the game, he was slightly biased in all of his calls so that slightly affected us and hurt us during the game, but we still won. So, I think we still did really well.”  

According to Caire, the referee was “rude” and “short” with the Pitt State girls at the game.  

“He was really biased, and he got very upset during the game and was very rude to us,” Caire said. “…For one, at the halftime, he had told one of the guys on the sidelines that was helping us coach, he was kind of being a smart ass and trying to give him is whistle. One of our players actually got hurt later in the game and we were told we needed to get off the field immediately. He was just very short.”  

 Caire noticed a couple of things that the Gorilla’s need to work on before their next game.  

“I would say putting pressure on their offense (is something we need to work on),” Caire said. “It was very obvious during the game that Benedictine didn’t really know how to play the game very well, so I think it’s hard to judge our team based on that. But I think putting pressure on their offense and defense would definitely be one improvement we could do.”  

The women’s rugby club’s next game is on Saturday, Nov. 2 against Tulsa.  

“Our next game, I hope to see more girls out,” Caire said. “We only travelled with 13. So, we’re definitely still looking for more girls and to continue to improve. I think everyone has shown and amazing improvement over the past just couple months. So, I would just like to see more girls come out.”

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