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Taylor Allison, senior in nursing, works the registration table with the help of Whitney Weston, senior in nursing, during Rumble in the Jungle Saturday, Oct. 5. This event had more then 1,500 students and parents attendance. Logan Wiley

Rumble in the Jungle welcomes prospective students

Highschool seniors interested in attending PSU after graduation were given the opportunity to attend Rumble in the Jungle. Rumble in the Jungle is an event PSU hosts for seniors and transfer students to attend and tour the campus. It was held on Saturday Oct. 5.   

“It’s pretty (and) it’s friendly,” said Julie Reif, parent at the event. “The tour and everything was very well set up, I think all of the colleges were represented well in there… and the people running them had a lot of ideas, because like they think biology but what can you do with that degree. So, they were able to give them information like well this is the job you’d have, this is what you could do with that. They were informational that way.”  

 Students got the opportunity to talk to specific departments and learn more about them in the Weede building. The departments were set up and welcomed students in to talk with them about their futures at PSU and what PSU has to offer them. They also received a tour of campus and free lunch in the Gorilla Village. Students also received a free ticket to the PSU football game that day. High school senior Isaiah Hildebrandt said he was most looking forward to the football game. 

“I wanted to come check out the college and see about the football team and other athletics,” Hildebrandt said. “It’s a really nice campus.” 

Upon leaving the Weede, they were given free T-shirts and met up with their group leaders to be led on a walking tour around the main campus. They were also offered an optional tour of the tech center and the rec.  

“I wanted to see what they have to offer because I’ve always wanted to come to this college because it’s a lot better and I live here so it’ll be easier for me to get to and from,” said Blake Dohle, high school senior.  

A new perk of Rumble in the Jungle was that those in attendance also got their application fee waived if they chose to apply. This is the first year the school has offered this incentive.  

“I’m trying to plan my future and this college seemed like a good fit for me,” said Sage Weathers, transfer student. “I have a lot of family that has went here and they all went on to be pretty successful people.”  

PSU students led the walking tours and offered insight about campus life.  

“…We’ve known a lot of people who’ve come down here and gone to school, a lot of the seniors that she’s in class with are interested in coming down here..,” Reif said. “…The activity today, Rumble in the Jungle, the tour kind of set up instead of just coming independently, that’s really cool.”  

Students and parents were given the opportunity to not only tour the campus but feel the atmosphere of PSU on gameday, meet other prospective students, and talk one-on-one with professors in their prospective departments. 

 “…If you are nervous about going to a big college campus but still want the college experience away from home, but not too far from home, I think this is actually a very excellent choice because it’s kind of like a mini,” Reif said. “You still get the experience but it’s not huge.”

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