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Getting spooky for ‘Spooktober’

Spooky season is upon us and everyone needs to know the ins and outs of dressing their spookiest for October. When dressing for October, it is highly suggested to wear all things spooky, which means skulls, pumpkins or Jack-O-Lanterns, black cats, candy corn, and anything else that is Halloween-related. 

There are several places to find the best spooky clothing items, but some are better than others for finding them. Starting at your typical retail stores is the first suggestion, such as Walmart and Target. Retail stores like these will have items like T-shirts, leggings, socks, pajamas, and more all with Halloween-related things printed on them, which are great to wear for the Halloween season.  

Other places to find spooky clothing items are at thrift stores like Goodwill or any of the local second-hand stores in your area. When looking at thrift stores, sometimes these are the best places to find Halloween items because there are always a wide variety of different items. Such items you can find include homemade things like sweatshirts or T-shirts, which are not only perfectly spooky for spooky season but are also super cute to wear anywhere. Other items available at thrift stores are one-of-a-kind things that may have been bought years and years prior, which means it is virtually impossible to end up wearing or owning the same thing as another person.  

Once you have bought your spooky clothing items, you’re ready to begin creating your “Spootober” outfits. The first thing to do is to start with your Halloween or spooky shirt, pair this with either some plain-colored leggings like black or gray or instead some jeans—the jeans can be either regular jean material or solid-color like black or olive green. After this, since it is rather cold outside you will want to pair your top and bottoms with some kind of jacket like a sweater overthrow, cardigan, flannel, or jean jacket. If you choose a sweater overthrow, cardigan, or flannel, try to choose one that is within the fall color scheme, which means a one that is either a mustard yellow, dark red or maroon, burnt orange, navy blue, or olive green—or you can never go wrong with pairing your top and bottoms with a jacket that is of neutral color like black, white, or gray. After picking which jacket you are going to wear, pair with your outfit some spooky Halloween socks—try to pick a pair that have similar colors as the rest of your outfit, which means if you picked a yellow- or orange-colored jacket, pair with it socks that might have candy corn on them. Or, if you picked a black shirt or jacket, pair with it a pair of socks that are also either black or covered with black cats or witches’ hats.  

If you have other kind of spooky clothing, like a Halloween-like sweatshirt or leggings, this changes thing some. If you have a sweatshirt, then don’t worry about adding a jacket, unless it is super cold outside like in the 40s—if it is, then try adding a larger-fitting jean jacket for a rugged affect. If you have Halloween leggings, then try pairing them with a solid-colored, neutral shirt that is either white, black, or gray and then add a solid-colored jacket described above or a jean jacket.  

After this, you are perfectly dressed and ready to get your “Spooktober” on and properly celebrate the Halloween season.

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