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Aliya Harris, senior in international business, and Imma Ghasempour, senior in political science, play a game of connect 4 during the Homecoming Kickoff Night in the Oval Monday, Oct. 14. All top 12 Homecoming King and Queen candidates were present during event. Morgan Noe

GAB hosts Homecoming Kickoff

To start off the Homecoming festivities, Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) presented Pittsburg State students with many life-sized games, music, and food.  

The Homecoming Kickoff took place on Monday, Oct. 14 and the activities will continue throughout the week as students progress towards homecoming. GAB started the week off with many activities and games in the oval for PSU students. Hanah Carr, sophomore in nursing, headed the events for the first day of homecoming fun. 

“I wanted to give kickoff night kind of a laid back, everyone is welcome kind of vibe,” Carr said. “And as a committee we decided what games from our childhood that we thought would be fun to play on a larger scale and the games that would bring everyone together. So, we had games like cornhole and volleyball, just games where you can play in teams that really bring unity to the school.” 

The week leading up to Homecoming is the time to bring everyone together in the preparation for homecoming weekend according to Lucy Cruciani, junior in psychology. 

“I think this kickoff really just pumps up the rest of the week for everyone,” Cruciani said. “It also gives us time to show off our spirit for homecoming and the rest of the week. It really just brings everyone together and its overall just an amazing experience.” 

GAB hoped that everyone would see Homecoming Kickoff as a time to connect and build team spirit. 

“I think these events give homecoming week a good start,” Carr said. “It gets everyone excited for the upcoming events in the week and allows everyone to meet some of the royalty. It also gives the royalty a chance to mingle with their peers.” 

Keeping up the homecoming traditions in years past, the week was full of events, good food, and a parade. Julia Mount, senior in construction management, is looking forward to the celebrations this year. 

“I hope that this year we can keep up the good healthy competition that Homecoming can bring out,” Mount said. “I think these events really help get everyone excited leading up to Homecoming. I especially love all the students from different organizations all come together to celebrate Pitt State. And of course, I love getting to see the alumni come back in town for the parade and the football game.” 

Although there are many things to look forward to as the week moves on, some students are especially looking forward to the parade. 

“My favorite part of homecoming week is the floats,” Cruciani said. “I love the floats because you get to see all the creativity and hard work that everyone has put into it, and it is really a great opportunity to show off your commitment to homecoming week.” 

The Homecoming Kickoff featured life-sized axe throwing. Students got to take turns in a cage throwing a large axe over their heads into a wooden target. Colton Pasquale, junior in psychology, was one of the students that enjoyed this new activity. 

“The axe throwing was my favorite part of the homecoming kickoff festivities,” Pasquale said. “I loved getting to see everyone take turns trying to throw the axe at the target. The expression on everyone’s face of fear when the axe did not stick to the target was fun to watch.” 

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