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Family and Consumer Sciences hosts annual ‘FACS Day’

The family and consumer sciences department teaches about involvement in the community and the advancement of individuals and their well-being. On the PSU website it states that” the department is the application of the sciences to the betterment of individuals, families and society”.   

To showcase what they have to offer, the department hosted their annual Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Careers Day. The event took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 15, 2019, in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom in the Overman Student Center. At this event, local high school students had the opportunity to explore what the FACS department is, and what they have to offer.  

“It is (an event) for high school kids around the area, to come see what the major is all about,” said Rylie Kirch, presenter for FACS career day, representing community and family services. “(Also, students) come check out and see what it is like being on a college campus.” 

The students that visited PSU also had the opportunity to tour around the campus, as they ate lunch, as well as toured around the campus to see what other things the university has to offer. The event was mostly put on by students in the major, as they have the experience to teach upcoming students what the department is all about.  

“We have them (students) come in and go through all the different parts of the FACS department,” said Megan Eckman, junior in family and consumer sciences.  

To learn about the FACS department the students rotated around stations to discuss different programs within the department.  

“We do a little activity, and then we tell them about the FACS department,” Eckman said. 

The department offers several different program areas. Each of the programs have different aspects under family and consumer sciences that connect to teaching students about the betterment of families, and their health.  

“We have fashion merchandising, early childhood development, human development, teacher education, (and) nutrition and health.” Eckman said. 

The FACS career day has been an annual event since 2011. On PSU’s website it says that in the department all of the programs share a common theme. They all address the “social, physical and economic well-being of individuals and families as they function in their communities.”  

The stations that the students engaged in the event not only showed students important aspects about the FACS department, but also about professional life skills. 

“We are telling them (students) how to dress appropriately for interviews so they can get ready to get into the work force” said Kirch.  

FACS faculty and staff wishes to advance students with knowledge in their field, so they can be successful when they graduate.  

“It feels like FACS teachers are really accepting of a lot of things.” said Natalie De La Rosa, senior in family and consumer sciences.  

The department offers opportunities and resources for students to grow within the program, and information on how to make a change in their community, as well as in the world.  

“(Students in FACS should) Be a people person, be caring and open minded about people,” De la Rosa said. 

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