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Men’s Rugby defeated by Wichita Barbarians

The Pittsburg State University men’s rugby team played a game against the Wichita Barbarians on Saturday, Sept. 21. The Gorillas lost the game (67-10).  

According to Ty Goss, junior in communication and on-field team captain for men’s rugby, the team did not do “all too bad” during the game, despite losing. Goss thought that there were things that the team did well during the match against the Wichita Barbarians. There were many players missing from the match because family day at PSU was the same day as the rugby game, so they did not have the usual men’s rugby players and the starters which took a toll on them during the game.  

“Well, we did pretty good honestly,” Goss said. “Especially with the fact that we really didn’t have too many of our normal starters. We had guys who don’t typically play, start and play the whole game. So, that was a plus. But we do have some depth. We didn’t have a lot of our regular starters. It was a developmental game and a lot of people were busy with family weekend. So, we did some good things, but they (the Wichita Barbarians) had speed and we had a bunch of bigger guys and we could not keep up with them…”  

Goss noticed that the team continued to fight through the match, without quitting or accepting defeat, and he was proud of the team for that. There was also a member of men’s rugby that stood out to Goss during the match.  

“We definitely stuck with it and we didn’t give up,” Goss said. “… Scoring those two tries… means a lot, especially with how that game went. We worked really hard for those two. Christian Schultz did really well to score his first try… “  

One thing that Goss took note of during the game was that the rugby team needed to work on their speed. Going into the next game, Goss hopes to see the team improve in that aspect and said that, if it is improved, the team’s future games will have a much better turnout than this game against the Wichita Barbarians.  

“Well that game (against the Wichita Barbarians) was a lot difference than our upcoming game,” Goss said. “This will be a conference match. Everyone is ready to go… We would like to have speed (and) that will help tremendously.”  

Winning is the objective in any sport or any game, but Goss also hopes to see the team bounce back from this past game and battle back to win their next game this weekend.  

“(I would like to see the team) come out strong,” Goss said. “We are playing near KC so they’re kind of our rivals. We want to come out strong and make sure we beat them.”  

The men’s rugby team’s next game is against the Benedictine Black Monks and the game is on Saturday, Sept. 28 at University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

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