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Getting ready for game day

Everyone wants to look their game day best when supporting their team for football game days, but sometimes it’s hard to decide between all of your clothes to know what to wear. Fret no more, for soon you will be game day ready—fashion-wise.  

First things first, you always want to make sure you’re sporting your team’s colors, which for Pitt State would be crimson and gold. With that said, pull out all your red and yellow gear and prepare it for game day. Looks can vary depending on the style you want, though it also will vary for men compared to women.  

For starters, women’s looks vary greatly from sporty to cute. A beginning look can start with typical jeans and include a college T-shirt that sports your team. Going from there, there are many different ways to go about continuing your look. You can dress it down by either keeping it simple as is with lace-up shoes like Vans, Converse, or Nikes, or you can add a little more spice to the look. If you want to spice it up, (depending on the weather) add a sweater overthrow in one of the team’s colors (i.e., red/burgundy or yellow/gold) or a flannel/button-up also in the team’s color or a complimentary color like black, white, or gray. Another idea is to add a jean jacket, which is a great addition for those cooler, chilly games. 

For dressing it up, women’s edition, a dress, romper, or jumpsuit is a perfect idea. Staying consistent with what was previously mentioned, make sure to match with your team’s colors, which means you should find one of these outfits in red or gold, whether patterned or un-patterned. Possible ideas include a solid colored dress or romper—i.e., gold—or a printed outfit, such as gingham, as it is extremely popular right now; the gingham could feature one of the colors and that of another complimentary color like black or white. On the other hand, you could instead wear an outfit made of complimentary colors like black, white, and/or gray, and feature one or both of your team’s colors. Finish out any of these outfits with lace up shoes like Converse or Vans for a casual but cute look, or pair with heeled shoes such as booties for a dressier look. 

For men, on the other hand, there are still plenty of options, though less in comparison to women. Depending on the type of guy you are, you may prefer shorts over jeans or vice versa—this is the first line to cross; first decide whether you want to wear jeans or shorts. If you choose jeans, know you could also wear khakis instead if they are preferred. For shorts, it’s advised to stay away from jean shorts, as those are terribly out of fashion, though khaki shorts like chinos are perfectly fine. 

Following your choice of pants, next up is the shirt. Of course, you want to represent your team’s colors, just as with the women’s outfits. Keep this in mind when choosing your shirt. Shirt options can include polo shirts that your team—i.e., Pitt State polos—or a simple college T-shirt. If you choose an average T-shirt that represents your team, think about pairing it with a flannel or button-up that also sports your team’s colors. This could look like a gray T-shirt with a Pitt State logo on it paired with a red and black checkered flannel; this look could take many other avenues as well. Finish your college game day look with a pair of lace-up shoes like Vans, Converse, or even Nikes, depending on the style that suits you. 

No matter the style of look you choose, just wear it with pride and represent your school. Show your spirit from the sidelines and let your look help. 

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