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Ty Goss, senior in broadcasting, looks at his videos in his videocamera in the broadcasting studio in Whitesitt hall Tuesday, Sept. 24. Goss and Hannah Short qualified for nationals with video they made for family day. Madisyn Robison

Broadcast students recognized at national level

Two Pittsburg State University students were named national finalists in the 2019 Collegiate Broadcasters Incorporated (CBI) National Student Production Awards.  

Senior Hannah Short was selected as a national finalist in the category of “Best Audio DJ,” which is the second year in a row that Pitt State has finished as a national finalist in that category. Senior Ty Goss is also a national finalist in the “Best Feature News Reporting” category for “PSU Family Day.”  

Back in April, Pittsburg State broadcasting students brought home 29 awards, 12 of which were first place awards, from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) state competition.  

First place winners were entered into the Broadcast Education Association’s (BEA) Super Regional competition. The BEA Super Regional competition recognizes two award winners in 10 different categories with either an “Award of Excellence” or Best of Show selection.   

First place award winners were also entered into the National Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. Awards, which is where Goss and Short were named national finalists.  

Goss was surprised when Director of media production Troy Comeau told him that he was a national finalist for Best Feature News reporting.  

“I was honestly shocked,” Goss said. “I had forgotten all about being entered into anything like that. So, it was really kind of surprising. We entered for that in May, at the end of the spring semester, and then they don’t announce the finalists up until like two weeks ago. So, I had completely forgotten all about this until (the) director of broadcasting Troy Comeau came in and told me. I was completely shocked.”  

Comeau said he is proud of Goss and Short for, not only qualifying as national finalists for these awards, but for their work within the program at Pitt Sate.  

“Hannah and Ty were both broadcast lab assistants for us, so they were in the labs quite often,” Comeau said. “(They are) great students, hard workers, they always took pride in the work they did.”  

Goss said he enjoys being a part of the broadcasting department and the communication department at PSU.  

“I absolutely love it,” Goss said. “I sell our program, and really the whole comm department, I sell it to anyone and everyone I can talk to. I’ve always loved being a part of this program and it now kind of proves that whatever you put in, you can get out what you put in and I’ve really felt that here just with all the love and the work that I’ve gotten from professors and didn’t people involved with the broadcasting field…”  

According to Comeau, being a national finalist is no easy feat.  

“It’s great for them because they not only compete against students from around the region or around the state but it’s truly national,” Comeau said. “Their work goes up against Division I schools such as like… Stanford and UCLA and schools like that. So, it’s a real big honor for them, I think, to be recognized.”  

Winners will be announced at the 2019 National Student Electronic Media Convention in St. Louis on Wednesday, Oct. 30.  

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