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Ways to Keep Clean Ears

When the ear has just enough earwax, there are quite a few benefits. Earwax acts as an antibacterial and antifungal agent and can even cleanse the ear. Its waxiness helps moisturize the fine skin of the ear canals, which help us to hear and decide the directions of sound and pitch. It’s almost like earwax is lotion to the ears. Although earwax has its benefits, like everything else, too much of it can be harmful. This is why having clean ears is so important. An ear full of wax can cause build up in the ear canal. This causes trouble with hearing, odor, drainage, dizziness, sinuses, and pain near the ear. While a normal amount of earwax prevents infections and disease, too much will do the exact opposite. Thankfully, there are some ways to avoid or get rid of heavy earwax build up in the ear.  

The first way I will share are with medicines that are usually recommended by your doctor or healthcare professionals. The way that will help is Debrox Earwax Removal and Treatment. This product is one that I’ve used myself and does help in removing earwax. The ears I have produce a, more than usual, amount of earwax and this products helps to soften it. However, if you decide to use this product make sure to check with your doctor first. When using this product you will hear popping, hissing, and crackling noises. The noises you hear are the medicine breaking down the earwax and softening it so that you are able to rinse it with warm water and the earwax will come out. It is important that you get clearance from your doctor to use this product because the medicine can affect the way you hear while using it. If your hearing is muffled, or still experiencing crackling noises for more than a day or two, you will need to speak with your doctor to make sure everything is okay.  

An at-home way to remove excess earwax is by putting a few drops of mineral oil in your ear. After putting the drops into the ear canal there may be a slight warm, almost burning feeling in the ear. This sensation should subside after about five or six minutes. After letting the oils sit in the ear canal, gently, rinse out the oil with warm water with a flat plastic syringe or syringe-like tool. This method is an alternative to using Q-tips, which can sometimes push the buildup even further into the ear causing more damage.  

If none of these methods are floating your boat you can always go ahead and go to your doctor to get your earwax professional removed. However, if there is too much buildup in your ears, the doctor will recommend that you either take a pill form of ear softener or ear drops like Deborx so they can properly clean those ears. Be sure to take precautions when using some home remedies, and to maintain those ears so that you always have clean ears.

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