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President Steve Scott, Mat Burton, President of public and private partnership, and Daron Hall, Pittsburg city manager, gets interviewed by Shawn Naccarato, director of government and community relations, at the Colonial Fox Theater Thursday, Sept. 12. By the end of October new restaurants including Brick+Morter, Juicy's and Toast will be open to the public. Shakota Woolsey

Block22 Welcomes New Business

Block22 welcomed new businesses on downtown Broadway with an open celebration.  

On Sept. 12, Block22 had a public celebration for the opening of new businesses in downtown Pittsburg that they are partnering with. Broadway was closed off for the celebration and panels by local business owners were held in the Colonial Fox Theatre about Block22’s featuring PSU President Scott, the new business owners, students who live in Block22 housing, and professional tenants who work at Block22. An official ribbon cutting was held on Broadway St to celebrate the renovation, and guests were able to tour the business, apartments, and restaurants. The new businesses are held in remodeled historic buildings. 

Guests were also able to meet the owners of the new business and learn about them before they open. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to meet new people everyday whether they’re celebrating their event, toasting to the people in their life that they need to celebrate, or giving them a welcome when they’ve had a bad day,” said Heather Horton, one of the owners of new restaurant Toast. “Being in the heart of downtown and having the possibility to work with the city and Block22, and Pitt State is such a great opportunity for us and our business. We wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity on our own… We actually own Sweet Designs Bakery which is about a half a block south of here, and we live upstairs, so getting this building was (kind of) a big deal for us. It broadens what our customer base could be, and it opens the doors to new people.” 

Block22 also features student housing in downtown Pittsburg. 

“(It’s) amazing, (because) I’m looking for a job,” said Daniel Danean, sophomore in marketing, and resident at Block22. 

Another new restaurant, Brick and Mortar is partnering with Block22. Brick and Mortar is a modern American cuisine restaurant that was started in Santa Monica, California. 

“I think it was more opportunity and also being able to bring back something that I’ve done and being able to showcase that, so when the opportunity presented itself, I thought it would be important to take,” said Travis Lester, owner of Brick and Mortar. (Block22 are) our partners, in every step of the way they’re working with them everyday, day in and day out, they’re big in allowing us to have a blank space to study and design.” 

Sonder & Co is a student-created boutique that is also partnering with Block22. Sonder & Co features items celebrating Pittsburg created by local artists. 

“There’s a lot of local artists, and we noticed and all the local pride is about Pittsburg State University which is awesome, but we wanted to highlight the people, places, and businesses” said Kailey Pearson, junior in graphic design, and co-owner of Sonder & Co. “People want to sell and buy things they really love and enjoy.” 

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