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How to dress for fall in excessive heat

Fall is only a week away, but the weather does not seem to think so. With 90-degree heat, how can you possibly celebrate fall properly? There are certain ways you can dress for the excessive heat while still looking ready for fall. 

The first things to remember are the key factors of fall fashion. This includes color scheme, patterns, and layering. The fall color scheme includes darker, deep colors like burnt orange, burgundy, navy blue, mustard yellow, and olive green. Patterns of fall include plaid, stripes, small floral, and possibly even animal print like leopard. Layering for fall includes exactly what it sounds like, layers of clothes—but there is a strategy for layering in the heat. 

The starting point is to pick out generic shorts that you can wear in the heat, like typical jean shorts, or those of other colors or material, such as black or khaki shorts. Whichever you choose, any of these three staple shorts will work great. Pair any of these shorts with a fall-like shirt for a great match-up; the shirts could include one with fall prints, like stripes—whether black and white, or even white with red, yellow, navy blue, or green stripes for more of a fall tone. Another print you can try is small, darker floral; this floral is different than other floral because summertime floral typically is larger with much brighter colors like light yellows, blues, pinks, and oranges. Fall floral typically entails darker colors like plum purple, navy blue (or darker), red or burgundy, or sometime even burnt yellow or orange. This floral is smaller and repeated more often on the clothing itself and is typically on a shirt that is either a neutral color—black, yellow, or gray—or a fall color as previously discussed. If you really want to spice things up for your summer-fall outfit, try out leopard print paired with black—if this isn’t for you, simply stick with the previously mentioned ideas. 

If you prefer to dress it up a little, go with a generic skirt instead, such as one that is black or a different solid color. If you want a different solid color skirt, try one out that is within the fall color scheme—like a burgundy or olive-green skirt. Then pair this with an average plain-colored T-shirt that is of neutral balance like white, gray, or black. With this pairing you would be on your way to looking ready for fall while still staying cool for the intense heat.  

When it comes to layering these outfits, to achieve that fall look without overheating, it is quite simple. The first is to pick either a flannel, button-up shirt, or light-weight jean jacket and tie it around your waist—this is the easiest way to layer for fall during this excessive heat. Otherwise, you can always actually wear one of these options instead of just tying them around your waist, but that’s under your own discretion. Another option is to slip on a vest in one of the many fall colors, like a mustard yellow or olive-green vest over a previously mentioned fall-like shirt—this is especially fashionable and will keep your arms free. 

Be sure to think things through before directly hopping into your fall wardrobe right now, as this heat is still beckoning summer. Don’t worry, though, with these tips you’ll still be able to rock those fall tops and/or bottoms while still staying cool. 

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