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A look into fabulous fall

With September here and August behind us, that means fall is just right around the corner, ready to peek in for a chilly bite. Are you ready for fall? More importantly, is your wardrobe ready for fall 2019? 

Fall 2019 is bringing with it a load of new styles ready to amp up your closet. Let’s take a look into the styles that are coming along with fall 2019. 

First are solid colors. Colors like purple—primarily light lavender—and gold are two big colors coming into the limelight this fall, so be on the lookout for these colors in the coming months. 

Prints to be on the lookout for this fall include the usual plaid in the forefront, though with others following suit. Plaid is a typical fall print, as it really couldn’t be fall without plaid, but this includes more than just flannel plaid. Other plaids include a preppy-looking or suit-like plaid, as these give off a nicer look than that of average flannels. Other prints include quilted patches, dark floral, and animal spots like cheetah or leopard. These prints shout “fall” because of their colors, primarily, as they are each darker-colored and darker colors are meant for fall/winter. It is suggested to not mix and match these styles, though, as they each are rather bold and should be worn alone in pairing with a solid color—like the gold or lavender previously mentioned. 

This fall will also feature specific fabrics, each greatly differing from one another. One of these fabrics is satin, brought back from the ‘90s. Satin is included in dresses, blouses and crop tops, and even bottoms; this will provide a fancier, sleek look no matter which item chosen. Other fabrics include lace and fleece. Lace, just as with satin, will provide a nicer look, as lace is typically associated with nicer occasions. Fleece, on the other hand, provides a warm and comfy look to any outfit. Fleece is a great fabric to be paired with just about anything this fall, as it not only will keep you warm, but it’s also highly stylish. Typically, fleece is displayed in jackets or coats, but also sometimes in vests, which pair great with an average long-sleeve shirt.  

This brings us to coats of fall 2019. Coats for fall 2019 will include lengthy hems, such as trench coats or those of the like. These coats look great when wearing any outfit that you want to have a nicer, even fancier style along with it, as they often look rather classy. It is suggested to keep with neutral colors when picking out a coat like this, such as tan, darker brown, navy blue, black, or gray possibly. An additional coat included in this fall’s collection is the quilted, puffy jacket. These kinds of quilted coats go great with any casual outfit, as they look comfier and sometimes even sporty. Whether short or long, these coats are a suitable addition to your wardrobe this fall. 

Of these mentioned fall 2019 styles, pick your favorites and sport them this season for a fabulous fall look. 

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