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Holly Humes, freshman in nursing, Kalysta Santos, freshman in psychology, and Jaymie House, freshman in early childhood education, fill in their bingo cards during Nacho Average Game Night Saturday, Aug. 24. The event was held in the U-Club of the Student Center. Gracelyn Haile

Campus Activities hosts Game Night for Gorillas

The U-Club in the basement of the Overman Student Center is normally host to music or other events, but bingo is a first. 

The Campus Activities Center (CAC) hosted the “Nacho Average Game Night” on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. in the University Club, colloquially known as the U-Club, in the basement of the Overman Student Center. Those in attendance included new freshmen, returning students, university residence hall staff, and campus organization advisors. Attendees also received a free serving of nachos and a drink as part of the refreshments for the evening. 

“It’s more accessible,” said Eva Sager, associate director for campus activities. “… It’s a little more open for everyone to be able to partake in… Even if you have the inability to hear a trivia question, we can still showcase what we’re looking for on the board…” 

Sager added that the CAC wanted to make a more open environment for students with disabilities to participate easier. 

“Numbers are really good tonight…” she said. “Compared to last year, our attendance is about double what it was last year… Bingo seems to be really popular, but we’ll have to wait and see if the students want us to bring it back next year.” 

Several resident assistants (RA) used the event to fulfill one of their duties: bringing students to at least one university-sponsored event, termed their “Sponsored Event.” 

“I’ve always heard really good things about the (game) night,” said Gabriel Cozart, senior in music and architectural manufacturing management and technology (AMMT), and RA in Crimson Commons. “… I know at least one of my friends is upset that it’s a bingo night and not a trivia night, but people seem to be having fun.” 

Cozart said that the change from bingo night to the trivia night of the past could be a “positive” change for other CAC events. 

“You know, it opens it up to another crowd of people,” Cozart said. “The trivia buffs will come out for trivia night every time there’s trivia night, but a lot of people don’t care about trivia…  So, it opens it up to a more diverse crowd…” 

Cozart also added that coming to CAC events like the Nacho Average Game Night is a good way to make new friends.” 

“You come to these things to make friends..,” Cozart said. “(You come) to get to know people It’s a great opportunity for that.” 

William Johnson, sophomore in physics and resident of Willard, heard about the event not through his RA, but through friends who are RAs and through posters hung around campus. 

“… I’m pretty bummed that it’s not a trivia night but people seem to be vibing with it,” Johnson said. “… That being said, I’m still having a little fun, and eating nachos works pretty well too…” 

The CAC is also hosting several welcome back events, including the Community Fair on Tuesday, Aug. 28 and the Student Organization Fair on Wednesday, Aug. 28. 

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