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Stalking incident reported in Axe Library

University police were called to Axe Library last week in response to a report of stalking.

According to Stu Hite, director of University Police, (UPD) library staff reported that Darrick L. Perry, 43, of Pittsburg allegedly made inappropriate remarks to a student employee at Axe Library on Wednesday, July 17 at approximately 5:20 p.m. 

Hite said, police subsequently learned Perry allegedly made several inappropriate comments over the course of a six-week period 

“ …during the course of the investigation, we learned this was not the first time the same subject (Perry) was causing this student to feel uncomfortable,” Hite said. “The decision was made to advise the subject (Perry), of criminal trespass if he returns to campus because of the student’s allegations. And because we work closely with Pittsburg Police and other law enforcement agencies, we are aware of several other incidents involving Perry off-campus.” 

Several hours later, Perry was arrested by Pittsburg Police and charged with two counts of interference with a law enforcement officer (LEO), one count of criminal trespass, and one count of stalking. Hite said the arrest was “similar, but unrelated” to the alleged incidents at the library.  

UPDATE: According to the Crawford county sheriff’s department website, after posting bail on July 20, Perry was taken back into custody on Thursday, July 25 and charged with three counts of violating the terms of his probation. He is currently being held without bond at the Crawford county jail in Girard.

Perry has a history of arrests for stalking.  

He was arrested in August of 2018 for violating a protection order. In September of 2018, Perry was arrested again for two counts of contempt of court, stalking, violating a protection order, and interference with a LEO. In February of 2018, Perry was arrested for violating a protection order. In March of 2018, he was arrested again for two counts of stalking, two counts of violating a protection order, and two counts of criminal trespass. 

The Collegio created a Facebook post detailing the incident, to which Perry was actively commenting and replying to comments made by readers. In his comments on the post, Perry claimed he wanted to meet with Officer Hite to “further this investigation.”  

“We do our best to monitor social media posts and comments, so yes I’ve seen the comments made by Perry on the Collegio’s FB post,” Hite said. “And although I want to be very engaging as the Chief of University Police with anyone that has a question or concern for me, I do not feel it appropriate to comment, or speak with someone after they’ve been arrested on a specific crime(s) or other allegation(s) they are or maybe accused of… and certainly not in a (Facebook) post. Perry has reached out to me outside of (Facebook) in an attempt to speak with me, but I have not responded. In this country as we all know, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, so I don’t feel it appropriate to speak with an accused about his case. I will simply let the criminal justice system handle this case, like they do every other case.” 

Hite said Block 22 is considered part of university housing for students living there. Pittsburg Police will respond to, and investigate anything that may happen at Block 22, and Hite says University Police will be working right alongside them.  

There are resources available for victims of stalking. Including a sexual misconduct reporting form to alert university authorities of inappropriate behavior. Students can also contact Stephanie Spitz, campus victims’ rights advocate.   

“Report it to us ASAP,” Hite said. “We can then direct a person on how to obtain Protection From Stalking (PFS) and/or Protection From Abuse (PFA)-sometimes generically referred to as “restraining orders” by some. They are no contact orders with specific instructions from the court and served on the subject. These type of crimes are taken seriously. We are also happy to offer tips and suggestions to a person affected by this type of crime on a case by case and help tailor a plan for them.”  

Hite said University Police will help students with any questions or concerns they may have.  

“With the beginning of the fall semester just around the corner, we’re happy to speak, and do so regularly, with any student group, organization or individual about any safety or other relevant concern they might have,” Hite said. 

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