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Grant Lozoya signed to play professional basketball

Grant Lozoya signed on to play professional basketball in Europe for C.B. L’Hospitalet.  

Lozoya was happy to see all his hard work throughout college pay off.   

It is an unbelievable feeling,” Lozoya said. “Now that I know after all the work to get to this point and now, I am actually getting paid to do what I love. I put this journey in God’s hands and he figured it out for me. It could not be a better feeling.”  

According to Lozoya, there were many contributors to his successful basketball career.  

There is a lot of people that have been in my corner for a very long time,” Lozoya said. “Of course, my parents (were) always supportive, always got my back. (They were) informative on how to handle situations and how to proceed in life. They have been very big in this process. All coaches and everything. My Pitt State coaches Coach Anderson, Coach G and Coach Owens who are no longer with the program, but they still played a big roleOf coursemy agency, Duran Internationaland my agent who actually went to Pittsburg State and was a Hall of Fame basketball player. Pittsburg State played a huge role with their connections and everything to set this up.”  

Head Basketball Coach Kim Anderson is proud of Lozoya and all that he has achieved.  

“I am thrilled for Grant, first of all,” Anderson said. “I think that he has worked extremely hard and we are all excited for his opportunity to continue his basketball career playing professionally. Not only has he done a good job in basketball, but he has also set to graduate this summer. So, we are looking forward to following his career professionally. (We) know he will do well and know that this will be an exciting experience for him, not only from a basketball standpoint, but from an education standpoint.”  

If you want to play professional basketball, Lozoya says to trust your instinct and work for it.  

I would say just trust your goal and your dreams,” Lozoya said. “If you have a dream to do something that is probably your gut telling you (that) you are made to do what you are supposed to do. If you are happy doing something you are going to give it 110 percent. If you are not happy with what you are doing, then you are never going to try to strive for greatness… so just trust your gut and go with what you fell.”  

As he will be in playing professional basketball in SpainLozoya is looking forward to experiencing many new things including seeing a new country 

Of course, there is a lot (that I am looking forward to),” Lozoya said. “I am going to Barcelona, Spain so (I am) going to learn that culture, how they do things, and travel and see the geography and scenery and everything like that. I think that will be very good for my growth and everything as a person.”   

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