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Audrey Watson, recent graduate of Webb City High School, plays the flute. Watson performed “Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise Op. 26” by Albert Franz Doppler and the performance was part of the “Kaleidoscope of Styles” concert at the St. Peters Episcopal church in Pittsburg on Wednesday, June 19. Seth Potter

Kaleidoscope of Styles brings art to Pittsburg summers

Pittsburg State University’s music department hosts an annual Summer Music Fest. The fest is a weeklong event of music. Kaleidoscope of Styles was a music concert hosted as part of the festivities. Kaleidoscope of Styles was hosted at the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on WednesdayJune 19 at 7:30 p.m.  

“People in the community react positively because they really like it and they feel the way we feel, there’s nothing going on and the summers long and dry and it doesn’t have to be dry for art,” said Raul Munguia, director of orchestras and professor of music at PSU. “So, music is something that they appreciate, and we really like people coming to our concerts.”   

The concert provided a variety of music. The music ranged from chamber music to Indian style to a story-telling saga.  

 I loved it, especially the percussion piece, the one that was kind of drawing some Indian style,” said Sean Gilmore, Columbus community member. “…It was great to hear some chamber music.”  

Daniel Warlop, Pittsburg community member and PSU alum, performed Indian style music on the Kanjira, the North African Tar, and the Ghatam. 

“I got into the Indian music around 2006 and I got to travel to India with PSU for their study abroad in 2008 and I got to interview some musicians over there that I was put in touch with,” Warlop said. “It was really great. So, yeah, I fell in love with it and I think south Indian music, Carnatic music, is probably my favorite.”  

Warlop has performed in a variety of concerts with PSU since attending.  

“Hand drums are my favorite things to perform with,” Warlop said. “They’re so universal. Drumming (is) a primal thing and it appeals to everybody.”  

Kaleidoscope of Styles gave musicians from around the area an opportunity to perform. 

“I think it’s a really good way to bring more music to the community and it’s also a good opportunity for people like me to play,” said Audrey Watson, graduate of Webb City High School. 

Performers came from around the area to perform with for the community. 

“Many of them are faculty members, others are either alums from the university, or friends from the area,” Munguia said. “Sometimes they contact us because they already know something is going on in the summers and they just want to put certain pieces or certain ensembles in.”  

Community members as well as members of surrounding communities came to see the performances. The performances included solo pieces as well as group pieces.  

“The goal is to really establish a well-recognized and well-qualified festival that can be compared to any other festival in the country and I think we have achieved that after seven years,” Munguia said. “The quality of the performances and the performers are just wonderful, and that’s something that we want to put out there so people who don’t live in Pittsburg know there’s something really positive going on here.”  


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