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How to wear America

For this year’s Fourth of July, try wearing something that truly accentuates your personal style and own it! Whatever your personal style is, whether casual, classy, or otherwise, don’t worry on this festive holiday! Here are some tips on dressing up this year as both cute and classy but also comfy and casual, while still staying festive and sporting your Americana pride. 

The first piece of advice, is since summertime is quite hot and July 4th always seems to be one of the hottest days of summer, keep in mind to wear clothing made of light fabric. Such light fabrics can include: linen, sheer, thin cotton, but definitely not fabrics like knit, heavy cotton, rayon, or thick spandex. This is the beginning key to creating your festive outfit this year. 

The first great outfit to wear for this Fourth of July is a linen summer dress. Oftentimes these types of dresses are easy to find this time of year, as they are the perfect kind of dress for summertime. Dresses like these can be found at locations like Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and more. For the Fourth, specifically, look for a linen sundress in one of America’s best colors: red, white, or blue. Again, a dress like this should not be too difficult to find, even one in a festive Fourth of July color. Pair with this linen dress an accentuating pair of shoes that are a different American color; so, say you have a white linen dress, tie the outfit together with a pair of red shoes, and for a blue dress pair with some white shoes, and for red go with a pair of blue ones instead. Try mixing up this combination with what you have in your closet! Depending on what you plan to do on the Fourth of July will affect the shoes you choose, though it is suggested to go with a nice pair of casual twine or cork wedges, otherwise choose some lace-up shoes like Keds, Vans, or Converse. 

Another choice of outfits revolves around overalls. Since jean overalls can oftentimes get quite warm, especially when outside in the heat, try something new and slip into a pair of fabric overalls instead. These fabric overalls are nice because not only are they lighter and airier, they are also super in style and will make you stand out this holiday! Follow the same advice for shoes as with the linen summer dress for the fabric overalls as well, as it will create a similarly casual-yet-cute vibe. Try finding fabric overalls that are a gingham print featuring red or blue colors with white pairing or settle for a solid colored set instead for a simpler feel. Overalls like these can also be found at stores like Old Navy, Target, and similar stores. To finish this overall look, slip a short-sleeved shirt or tank top under the overalls; to keep the look simple and casual, choose one that is either a solid white, black, or American color different than that of your overalls. With this, your Americana outfit is finished! 

These two styles are booming this year and the Fourth of July is the perfect time to showcase them! Dive right into the fashion world this summer and make sure to have a festive Fourth! 

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